Wedding Slideshows Can Be Silly or Sentimental - it’s Up to You.

Make a wedding slideshow that will be remembered forever.

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Make a wedding slideshow that will be remembered forever.

Create a stunning wedding slideshow

Wedding slideshows from Smilebox are the ideal way to set exactly the right tone for the occasion. When you make a wedding slideshow with Smilebox, we give you loads of options for music, colors, text, and animation, so that the final product really expresses your feelings. Just as importantly, our free online wedding slideshows are designed to look great on the screen, so that your hard work will show during the big event.

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Wedding slideshows are blissfully easy to make!

Free online wedding slideshows from Smilebox are meant to be enjoyed even in the making, so simplicity is at the heart of the process. That’s why our wedding slideshow maker has been designed for ease of use and incredible views. Wedding slideshow templates with lots of choice give you the ability to see all the directions that your wedding slideshow might take. Our wide range of customization options let you arrange the perfect setup. Lastly, once you’re happy with the wedding slideshow that you have created, Smilebox gives you various ways to save and share it – maybe even as an invitation to the wedding itself.

Check out the fast and simple steps to make a wedding slideshow below.

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How to make a wedding slideshow:


Select a template

No matter the couple, no matter the style, we have a wedding slideshow template to fit your taste. Pick from our extensive selection, and then click “Personalize.”


Include pics

Already have a bunch of photos on your computer that you want in your wedding slideshow? Just click “Add More Photos” to upload them. Even if you need to take a few last minute snaps, it’s no problem! Smilebox also lets you upload images from your phone and social media accounts. You can either click the photos to add them to each slide, or use the “Autofill” function to automatically place images on the slides.


Make finishing touches

Once your wedding slideshow has all the right pictures, it’s your chance to add personal style. You can easily change text, text style, and colors at any time by using the personalization panel (right side of the template). Smilebox also includes tools for loading fun animation features and music. After each change, just use the “Preview & Share” button to see how your work is progressing, or check out the miniaturized wedding slideshow display at the bottom of the screen.


Prepare for the main event

After a final inspection of your wedding slideshow (“Preview and Share”), it’s time to produce a professional quality copy of it through the finalization function. Now you’ve got a wedding slideshow that you can save on a computer and project at the wedding. You can also give people a sneak peek by posting your wedding slideshow on social media or emailing it.

Make a wedding slideshow before, during, and after

Free online wedding slideshow maker can be used to tell the story of the whole wedding. Before the special day, you can make a wedding slideshow that tells the couple’s beautiful history. Then, you can use pictures from the wedding itself to make exciting additions to the wedding slideshow. You can even go all the way and send your guests pictures of the couple after the wedding as a way to say thank you. Wedding slideshows go far beyond the day itself and become part of a beautiful romantic tale!

Wedding slideshows and more

Our free online wedding slideshow maker is the perfect means to add even more excitement to a once-in-a-lifetime day. But don’t forget that Smilebox has lots more ways to help! In addition to our free online wedding slideshow maker, we have eCards, collages, and invitations with specific wedding themes. They are all as easy to use as our wedding slideshow maker. We invite you to try all that we have to offer!

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