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Graduation Slideshow – Cherish & Share this Big Day

Make a graduation slideshow that lets you remember this day forever

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Create a stunning graduation slideshow

Making graduation slideshows can keep memories of college or school life forever. Whether you just graduated from high school, college or any institution, our graduation slideshow maker includes the perfect graduation themed templates to share your story in an inspiring way.

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Graduation slideshows commemorate your new achievement

The free slideshow maker from Smilebox is a fantastic way to combine your photos, videos and music into a memorable slideshow. You can also add images of your certificates and awards to impress and inspire. Try our graduation slideshow templates they are easy to customize and share. Let your loved ones know how proud you are of this significant achievement.

Best of all, making a stunning slideshow doesn’t require a fancy degree.

How to make a graduation slideshow:


Choose a free graduation slideshow template

Browse through our collection of inspiring, ready-to-use graduation slideshow templates. Choose your favorite and click “Personalize”.


Add photos

Upload memorable photos to your design. Simply click “Add More Photos” in the graduation slideshow maker to add a photo from your device or social media libraries.


Personalize your graduation slideshow

Add more personality to your slideshow by adding custom text, fonts and colors of choice. You can even use our animation features to bring your graduation slideshow to life.


Save, share, and celebrate

This is the perfect time to share your accomplishments with friends and family. Review your graduation slideshow and save as a movie. Share your graduation slideshow by email or text message or through social media.

Graduation slideshows for your next milestone

From admission to graduation, you already have a lot of memories to share. Whether you just graduated from a college, catering school or anything sports, we give you the tools you need to share your achievement to the world. With the endless template options at Smilebox, you can use the graduation slideshow maker to ingeniously tell your story. In the next few years, you’d look back to this day and be happy you did.

We offer more than just graduation slideshows

Our graduation slideshow maker is only one of the many Smilebox products that you can use to commemorate once-in-a-lifetime events or things which happen every day. You’ll find a huge collection of eCards, invitations, collages, and other creative ways to share life’s beautiful moments one at a time. Browse through our catalog of products today!

Create Graduation Slideshow
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