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Real Estate Slideshows That Do the Selling for You

Create professional real estate slideshows quickly and easily!

Create a Real Estate Slideshow

Create a stunning real estate slideshow

Free real estate slideshows are one of the most effective ways to showcase and sell your properties. With the real estate slideshow maker from Smilebox, it’s easy to display your complete portfolio, property photos and details, and reach potential buyers with multiple sending and sharing options. Make your listings look their best, so you can excite prospects and close that sale.

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Professional real estate slideshows are a realtor’s best friend

Real estate marketing slideshows are great for boosting your business. In just a few clicks, you can fully customize one of our stunning real estate templates with photos, text, and even music tailored to your properties. Use the photo slideshow maker to brand your design with your business name, logo, website, phone, Facebook and Instagram accounts, and more.

See below how simple it is to create a real estate slideshow.

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How to create a real estate slideshow:


Choose a real estate slideshow template

Browse our selection of professionally-designed real estate templates. Choose the one that suits your business, and click “Personalize”.


Insert photos

Add photos of your properties from your computer, phone, Facebook or Instagram. You may also choose existing photos in your Smilebox gallery. You can add more photos at any time by clicking “Add photos” on the top-left of the Editor page.



Once your photos are in place, add the other relevant info, like how many square feet, the location, price, etc. Choose the desired accent colors, music, and slideshow speed. Most importantly, click “Manage Your Brand” to add your logo and business information.



Click “Preview & Share” to make sure everything looks perfect. Then share your masterpiece with clients and prospects via email, text message, Facebook, or Twitter. You can download it or copy the link to show it on your computer, iPad, or wherever is convenient.

Easily showcase your portfolio with our expertly-designed real estate slideshows

Get your name out there with branded slideshows that catch the eye. Customize any template with your photos, text, logo, business name, contact details and more. It’s the simplest and fastest way to expand your reach and close more deals!

From modern to traditional and more, browse templates for every style

No two properties are alike—which is why our designers created a wide variety of unique templates for any real estate listing. Simply pick the look that’s right for your business, and make it your own with photos, text, music and more. It’s minimal time and effort for maximum reach!

Create a Real Estate Slideshow
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