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Online Baptism Invitation Maker for Beautiful Babies

Our baptism invitation maker commemorates a solemn rite of passage.

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Create a stunning baptism invitation

Free baptism invitation maker ensures that the summons to your child’s first service is exactly how you want it to be. Our online baptism invitation maker is available in a number of charming designs to suit both your religious and aesthetic tastes. To ensure that your online baptism invitation is ideal, use our variety of personalization tools and achieve the appearance that fits this divine occasion.

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Baptism invitation maker for your child’s glorious church debut

Free baptism invitation maker summons friends and family when it’s time for your baby to start down a righteous path. Online baptism invitations from Smilebox are available in themes that appeal to all levels of formality. They can be personalized in just a few minutes with the details of the baptism, a photo of the little one, and a wide number of personal touches. Online baptism invitations also make great keepsakes. With the Smilebox free baptism invitation maker, you’ll get a final copy that is a high resolution version. You can post it to your social media account, save to your computer, or print it.

Our free baptism invitation maker is extremely simple to use, in just 4 steps.

How to make an online baptism invitation:


Pick a design

We provide free baptism invitation maker templates to suit every taste. Simply scroll down the list, click the one that appeals to you most, and click “Personalize”.


Insert a baby photo

Decorate your online baptism invitation with a photo of the newborn and mother, or the whole family. All you need to do is click “Add More Photos” to open the picture files saved on your computer, mobile phone, and social media accounts. Note that you can place more than one photo in the viewing pane so that you can try each one in the online baptism invitation maker and see which you like best.


Add your personal touch

Change the colors and fonts to suit your style, and type in the information regarding the time and place of the baptism. You can even add music that plays whenever someone opens your online baptism invitation. If you make a change to the online baptism invitation maker template, you can see it immediately in the personalization window.


Share with guests

After making sure that you have all the details correct with the “Preview” function, you can share your online baptism invitation with friends and family. It’s a matter of just a few clicks to send the invitation by email and post it to social media. You can also print the online baptism invitation at home and send it by regular mail.

Online baptism invitations are part of the family record

Free baptism invitation maker gives you a memento of one of your child’s first milestones. Along with the gown, photos and other keepsakes, the online baptism invitation can be kept to preserve memories. Our online baptism invitation maker can be used for every little angel that comes along, which will give you a great opportunity to show your other children the invitation from their baptism. In fact, the online baptism invitation maker is so easy to use, you can get your other kids involved in creating an invitation for their new brother or sister. Let them choose their favorite photo of the baby for the online baptism invitation and change some of the colors and fonts.

Baptism invitation maker and more

Online baptism invitations are only part of the various products developed by Smilebox to help celebrate religious events, holidays, and other occasions. In addition to our free baptism invitation maker, we have templates for Christmas, Halloween, and wedding invitations. You can also create invitations for birthdays, graduations, and parties using Smilebox. And don’t forget our wide range of other formats. Besides the online baptism invitation maker, we provide eCards, collages, and slideshows that can all be personalized for baptisms and other events. Each Smilebox product brings you the same ease of use and wide selection of designs as the free baptism invitation maker.

Create Baptism Invitation
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