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Halloween Invitation Maker – It's a Trick That’s Also a Treat

Start the scary fun with spook-tacular Halloween invitation templates!

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Create Halloween party invitations online

Our Halloween invitation maker can be your little secret when it comes to customizing Halloween invitation templates. Friends will wonder how you had the time to make such amazing and unique Halloween invites.

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We have many Halloween invitation templates – customize the one you like

Online Halloween invitations for a surprising trick or treat

However you plan to “boo” your guests, we’ve got templates to match. From kids’ trick-or-treating to adult costume and cocktail parties, it’s easy to find and customize a spine-tingling design. Plus, all of our Halloween invitations come with creepy music to up the eerie factor. Once you’ve added the event details, share it with guests online or in print. If you share via social media, email or text, you benefit from our built-in RSVP feature that allows you to easily track guest replies.

Using the Halloween invitation maker is downright easy.

Cocktails & Costumes

How to make Halloween invitations online:


Choose a devilish Halloween invitation template

Smilebox has loads of free Halloween invitation templates to customize. Scroll down the page, find the scariest one, and then click “Personalize” to customize it.


Custom invite that fits the costume

Pick some photos from last year’s holiday, or take some of your kids trying on their costumes, and see how they look on the Halloween invitation maker. All you need to do is click “Add More Photos” and you’ll get access to all the images in your social media accounts, computer, and phone.


Add Halloween party details to the invite

Use the free Halloween invitation maker to type in the details of your Halloween party or holiday greetings. To make your online Halloween invitations even scarier, you can change colors and add music.


Spread some fear

Have a look to see if your Halloween invitation is sufficiently creepy, finalize it, and then share it with friends and family. If you are using it for a party notice, you can email it to everyone on your list, or post it to social media.

Online Halloween invitations are terror-ific every year

Using Smilebox’s free Halloween invitation maker is more than just easy – it’s also wise. Instead of searching for holiday photos taken last year, you can just look up the online Halloween invitation you previously created. Over time, this will grow into a collection that reminds everyone of all the fun they had, and of how they looked every year on Halloween. Moreover, as your kids grow, they can become part of using the Halloween invitation maker. Because it’s so easy to understand, you can sit with them as they choose the picture for the yearly online Halloween invitation and help you personalize the text.

Free Halloween invitations – share with those you want to scare

Once your Halloween invitations have been sent, it’s time to plan the fun! A great way to get guests into the spooky spirit is with a Halloween slideshow. Tell a scary story with a slideshow of photos from years past (or chilling pics from the Internet) amped up with some eerie music. After the party’s over, send guests a memento of the good times with a slideshow of everyone posing in their costumes. Whatever kind of show you’re going for, it’s easy to customize with Smilebox's online party invitation maker. Simply browse our collection of free devilish designs, and customize to your heart’s content!

Create Halloween Invitations
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