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Our announcement templates get your message out to the people you care about.

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Your special news should be shared in a special way. Whether it’s the birth of your baby or that you just got engaged, we have a beautiful announcement design that will help tell your story. Choose from a wide variety of free announcement templates, then customize with your pictures and text. When you’re ready to share the news with family and friends, send your online announcement with an email, text or on social media!

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Announcement templates are only the beginning

Free announcement templates are where the creative process begins. Take a look at our selection of announcement templates and choose one according to your needs. How many pictures do you want to use in the announcement template? Do you want the text in the announcement to get the main message across, or the photo? Choose the free announcement template that most suits your needs. Then use the various personalization tools of the announcement maker to fine-tune your message. The end product is a free announcement template that is attractive and informative. Use the various sharing options provided by the announcement maker and spread the word in style!

Our announcement maker does all this and more. Keep reading to get the full picture.

How to make an announcement:


Choose an announcement template design

Announcement templates are available in a variety of styles. Choose the one that fits your needs and personalize.


Add photos

Making an announcement can be a fun activity all by itself, with so many announcement templates to choose from. Try adding different photos, colors, and fonts. You can also use animation and musical effects in your free announcement template to add some drama. Announcement templates are also great to create together. Smilebox announcement maker is quick, easy and FREE!



Our announcement maker allows you to edit the text, colors, and fonts of your announcement templates until you feel they are perfect. Everything happens on the same screen of the announcement maker platform. Whenever you make a change to the announcement template, your design is updated immediately.


Spread the word

Have a final look at your announcement template and then finalize it. The announcement maker lets you share your creation easily with options that include social media post, email, text message, and printing.

Make an announcement - it’s easy!

Making an announcement can be an interesting activity all by itself. With so many announcement templates to choose from, you will really enjoy seeing how artistic you can be. Try different photos, colors, and fonts. You can also use animation and musical effects in your free announcement template to add some drama. Announcement templates are also great as a joint activity. If you are using the announcement generator for something being celebrated with others, get one of them to participate in customizing a free announcement template. The ease of use of the Smilebox announcement maker means that they will catch on in a second.

Video announcement maker for any occasion

Free announcement templates are available for both general and specific needs. Because you can change virtually every aspect of Smilebox announcement templates, including the main text, any design can be customized. However, to save time and get some inspiration, we also have free announcement templates for certain uses. Check out our announcement templates for weddings, our baby birth announcements, and our new home announcements. From black and white to brimming with color, each of these announcement maker categories also has varying styles. We’re sure you’ll find a free announcement template with just the right mood and layout to get your message across and impress friends, family, and clients.

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