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Our invitation maker connects you and your loved ones for every occasion, big and small.

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From large events to special one-on-one occasions, our online invitations combine style and ease into one elegant experience. Our invitation maker lets you easily track who’s coming and send event updates or reminders, so you can easily manage your special day.

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Online invitations are the best way to kick off an event

Create an online invitation that impresses people, and the rest will be easy. The free invitation maker comes with a huge assortment of templates, from fancy to fun—you’re sure to find one that fits your style. By adding pictures and customizing the text, you can create a professional-looking online invitation in minutes. Digital invitations provide a bunch of advantages like being able to track guest attendance with our built-in RSVP feature.  Or being able to send guests reminders in the days leading up to the event.

Alternatively, you can also print your customized online invitation to send to guests by mail or to save as a physical keepsake.

How to make invitations online:


Select your favorite online invitation template

First, pick your occasion: from birthdays and holidays to weddings and graduations, we’ve got templates for every gathering. Find a template you love, click it, and click “Personalize”.


Add an image (if you want)

If you’d like to add a photo or image to your invitation, we make it easy. Upload photos from your phone, computer, Facebook or Instagram. To see the template with or without a photo, simply click the toggle “on” or “off” below “Photo Option”.


Make it unique

Our invitation maker allows you to change text, fonts, and color schemes, and personalize your invite precisely as you want. During this step, you can add the details of your event and really make it your own.


Invite your guests

Click “Preview” to make sure your invitation looks great. Then click “Share or Print” to send your invitations (either online or in print). If you go the digital route, be sure to add the RSVP feature! This lets you easily track who is attending, send event updates, and more. Share your invitations by text message, social media or Email invitations. If you prefer to print them yourself, click “Print at Home”. Or use our professional print service, which lets you choose your desired paper type, finish and back cover color—along with free envelopes—and ships straight to your door!

Excite guests with free online invitations

Online invitations and printed invitations each have their advantages. Online invites get the word out immediately, don’t require a trip to the post office, and let you easily communicate updates, reminders, and track RSVPs in real time. Printed invites are nice for the traditional type who like to hold it in their hands and see it on their fridge. We don’t pick sides: that’s why you decide whether to share online, print or do both! No matter which way you choose, the result will be gorgeous and your guests will be impressed.

Digital invitations and so much more

Invitations are only the first step to a great event. One sure way to please the crowd the day of is with a slideshow. Whether you’re hosting a birthday party, wedding, baby shower, or other special occasions, everyone loves watching a good photo story. Our slideshow maker lets you easily turn dozens of photos and text into a stunning slideshow video that looks professionally made. Once the event is over, be sure to thank guests for attending (and for their gifts) with our thank-you card maker. Choose a card template that matches your invitation design for a cohesive look. However you mark life’s milestones, Smilebox is here to help you share and preserve those special moments. Login to Smilebox today!

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