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Our online flyer maker helps you get the word out about your personal or professional events, sales, services and more.

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Our online flyer maker helps you get the word out about your personal or professional events, sales, services and more.

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From real estate listings and fundraisers to birthday parties and happy hours, our free flyer maker has a design that will catch everyone’s eyes. Our flyers are also a perfect way to display your portfolio or to promote the range of services that you provide. You can share your flyer on your website or send via email and social media to your clients or family and friends.

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Create flyers when you need to let a lot of people know about an occasion. You can use both paper notices and send digital copies of the flyer to your audience. The free flyer maker from Smilebox can be used without any technical skills so that you have more time to focus on the main event. Our simple flyer maker platform allows you to devise a public notice in a few moments but with all the details and the exact look that you want. Change of plan? Edit the notice instantly with the online flyer maker platform. You can also use the free flyer maker to print copies at home to save time and money.

It takes only a few steps to set up an effective flyer, as described below.


How to create flyers:


Choose a flyer design

Take a look at the many templates provided by our free flyer maker. Choose the one that’s closest to what you have in mind, and then click “Personalize”.


Upload images

The online flyer maker includes templates with several spaces allocated to images, and some with one main image. You can easily fill all the spaces by clicking “Add More Photos”. The flyer maker then opens a window that lets you choose photos on your computer, social media account, and phone. That’s why, if you don’t already have the right photos for the free flyer maker, you can take some with your mobile and have them loaded onto the flyer design in moments.



Change the text with all the details of your event by clicking the flyer maker text boxes. Note that you can also change the font and colors all within the same page of the online flyer maker platform.


Print, email, or post

Look over the details that you have inserted into the online flyer maker, and then finalize it. As the last step, you can use the free flyer maker to print your creation at home or, if you are connected with your guests or clients via social media or email, the flyer maker lets you distribute your notice in that manner as well.

Online flyers fit the bill

Free flyer maker is an imaginative means to advertise practically anything. That’s why we provide online flyer maker designs in a wide range of layouts and styles. Our free flyer maker comprises templates with text only, one image, or many. The text arrangements of the online flyer maker cover basically every arrangement, from centralized, to side menus, to freestyle. It’s a similar story with styles. We cover all kinds of events for which you can create flyers, such as movie nights, garage sales, and parties. The designs you’ll find in the online flyer maker might even give you some ideas for enhancing the event itself.

Flyer maker and more

Online flyer maker is only one of many Smilebox products for both business and personal use. In addition to our free flyer maker, we have designs for holidays, family events, and occasions in general. Each can be customized to meet your needs. In addition, we invite you to check out our other formats. Collages, invitations, and greetings are just some of the arrangements we carry, and each has the same ease of use and selection as our online flyer maker.

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