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Our flyer maker helps you get the word out about your personal or professional events, sales, services and more.

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Whatever you want to promote, say it loud with an attention-grabbing flyer. Our vast collection of free templates covers every occasion, from sales to grand openings to special events and more. It’s designed for simplicity, so anyone can create a flyer online—and even easier to share it!

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Flyers are proven to be an effective tool for getting the word out. And you don’t need a graphic designer, either. The Smilebox flyer maker does it all for you, giving you the freedom to customize any of our digital templates, view the mockup, and print or share the final version online.

It’s as simple as choosing a template you love. Get started with the 4 easy steps below:

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How to create flyers online:


Choose an online flyer template

Take a look at our selection of flyer mockups. Choose the one that’s closest to what you have in mind, and then click “Personalize”.


Upload images (if you want)

Our online flyer templates have several spaces allocated to images, and some with one main image. You can easily fill all the spaces by clicking “Add More Photos”. The flyer maker then opens a window that lets you choose photos on your computer, social media accounts, and phone. That’s why, if you don’t already have the right photos, you can take some with your phone and have them uploaded immediately to the flyer maker.



Change the text with all the details of your event by clicking the flyer maker text boxes. Note that you can also change the font and colors all within the same page of the online flyer maker platform.


Print, email, or post

As the last step, you can use the free flyer maker to print your creation at home or, if you are connected with your guests or clients via social media or email, the flyer maker lets you distribute your notice in that manner as well.

Digital flyers are easy to make and effective

A good flyer is a powerful advertising tool. They’re catchy, appealing, but most importantly: get important information out to your target audience. Whether you’re promoting a party, service, fundraiser, or simply a garage sale, our free flyer templates were designed by professionals to look professional. Simply add your text (and a photo if you wish), and your flyer mockup is ready to be finalized and shared.

Digital flyer maker and more

Our free flyer maker helps you spread a specific message effectively. But if you need more than a flyer, be sure to check out our other formats, including slideshows, invitations, greetings, and collages. We offer hundreds of free digital templates in every category, from holiday cards to graduation announcements to birthday slideshows and beyond. Whether you’re celebrating, promoting, or even memorializing, it’s easy to find the right template for any emotion. Use our search feature to find the template and format that’s right for you.

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