Graduation Announcement Templates for Terrific Students

Graduation announcement maker honors their effort and accomplishment.

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Graduation announcement maker honors their effort and accomplishment.

Create a stunning graduation announcement

Free graduation announcement templates from Smilebox recognize a student’s years of hard work, even though it takes only moments to customize the graduation announcement maker. That’s because Smilebox has designed a graduation announcement maker platform that basically anyone can use and still produce a stunning keepsake. Years from now, your graduate will still smile when they look at the graduation announcement template that you made just for them.

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Graduation announcement maker is top of the class

The graduation announcement maker from Smilebox is a bit like a good student. Speed, efficiency, simplicity of understanding, and usefulness are all hallmarks of the graduation announcement maker. Graduation announcement maker combines all the features you need in one platform. That’s why free graduation announcement templates are the smart choice when it comes to notifying friends and family. The graduation announcement maker can handle all of the different ways of expressing pride in your graduate’s achievements and helps you get your message just right. Plus, when making the final copy of a graduation announcement template, our platform delivers something that is great to look at.

Graduation announcement templates don’t require a fancy degree to use. Keep reading to find out why.

The Adventure Begins

How to create graduation announcements:


Decide on a design

Free graduation announcement templates are available in an assortment of layouts and themes. Find one that appeals to you, click it, and then click “Personalize”.


Pick a photo

Graduation announcement maker lets you look through all of the various images that you have stored on your social media accounts, computer, and phone. Just click “Add More Photos” to start the process.



You can edit every part of the graduation announcement maker in order to get the message and the appearance exactly right. Click any text box and type in the information for the ceremony or party. You can also change the main message that is included in the free graduation announcement template. For some fine tuning, the graduation announcement maker allows you to experiment with different fonts and colors.



Graduation announcement maker enables you to pick any or all of the sharing methods that your friends and relatives are most comfortable with. Send the customized free graduation announcement template via email and social media post, or print it up and send it by regular mail.

Graduation announcement maker is the easy way to go

Free graduation announcement templates can simplify things for you and your guests in case you are inviting them to the ceremony or to the party afterwards. You can customize the graduation announcement template with all the details of both events so that guests are in the right place at the right time. Graduation announcement maker also enables you to provide reminders and updates. If any details change, or just to send a memo, your customized graduation announcement template can be updated and sent within moments.

Free graduation announcement templates for long-term memories

Graduation announcement maker helps you to create a heartfelt memento of one of your graduate’s most important days. Whether it’s a picture on their social media page or hanging in their room as a paper copy, the personalized free graduation announcement template is something they will always remember. Free graduation announcement templates aren’t the only Smilebox product that builds cherished memories. In addition to our graduation announcement maker, we provide collages, slideshows, and other formats that can be customized to celebrate a graduation and many other stupendous milestones. Every Smilebox product has the same level of quality and simplicity as the graduation announcement maker.

Create Graduation Announcement
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Create Graduation Announcement

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