Pregnancy Announcement Templates for Tots on the Way

Pregnancy announcement maker expresses emotions for serious smiles.

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Pregnancy announcement maker expresses emotions for serious smiles.

Create a stunning pregnancy announcement

Free pregnancy announcement templates from Smilebox create excitement for friends and family alike. Using the pregnancy announcement maker can be part of the ritual that you follow in getting ready for the big day. In years from now, you’ll be looking at the free pregnancy announcement templates that you create today and reliving some of your best memories.

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Pregnancy announcement maker keeps track of your progress

Pregnancy announcement templates from Smilebox are a great way to keep friends and relatives up to date about how you are doing. From your first ultrasound to your trip to the delivery room, you can document every step of the way and then present each stage using the pregnancy announcement maker. Even when you’re busy getting ready for the main event, free pregnancy announcement templates are still convenient to use. In minutes, you can whip up a customized pregnancy announcement template with all the latest news about your littlest loved one.

That’s because the pregnancy announcement maker is really a breeze to use, as described below.

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How to create a pregnancy announcement:


Decide on a design

Pregnancy announcement templates focus on the couple, the little one, and even the entire family. Choose the style that you’d like for your pregnancy announcement template. Click it and then click “Personalize”.


Choose a pregnancy picture

Pregnancy announcement maker gives you access to all the photos that you have saved on your computer, social media account, and phone. You can even look at all of your pregnancy selfies and choose the ones you like best. All it takes is a click on “Add More Photos” to start the simple uploading process.



Spend as much time customizing the free pregnancy announcement template as you want. Edit the large text and insert whatever details you desire. You can even try out different fonts and colors. To make your pregnancy announcement template a bit catchier, you can add animation effects and music files that play whenever the pregnancy announcement template is viewed.



Pregnancy announcement maker lets you choose from a number of sharing options. You can email your customized pregnancy announcement template, or post it to social media. The pregnancy announcement maker can also be used to print your creation in splendid color.

Pregnancy announcement maker can be part of your routine

Free pregnancy announcement templates are a great way to mark the days, weeks, and months of your experience. Each ultrasound picture and trip to buy baby products can be immortalized by using the pregnancy announcement maker to record both photos and text of your progress. Moreover, you can share your customized free pregnancy announcement templates with everyone who can’t wait to find out the latest development. Post your pregnancy announcement templates to social media to let everyone know how you’re doing, or print your creations in color to keep a record.

Pregnancy announcement templates, for your first or your fifth

Pregnancy announcement maker can be used every time you’re expecting in order to create a phenomenal history of motherhood. Moreover, each time you’re with child, your other family members can take part in customizing free pregnancy announcement templates. That’s because the pregnancy announcement maker is extremely easy to use. With just a bit of direction from an adult, your older kids will have a blast uploading your photos and typing in their sentiments. Then, you can send their customized pregnancy announcement templates to your extended family and friends. Check out our pregnancy announcement maker today. And while you’re visiting, have a look at our other products that expecting women love. Our collages, slideshows, and photo albums can all be customized in the same way as our free pregnancy announcement templates.

Create Pregnancy Announcement
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