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Every time you want to bring happiness, use our online eCard maker.

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Every time you want to bring happiness, use our online eCard maker.

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Online eCards from Smilebox combine everything you enjoy about reaching out to friends and family in one outstanding platform. Our eCard maker has choice, user-friendliness, great looks, and a long list of free eCard templates that is always growing. Why don’t you send someone an online eCard right now? It’s easy and free.

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Online eCards Express Every Emotion

The online eCard maker from Smilebox gives you templates for holidays, fun days, and every day. When you’re simply thinking about someone, all it takes is a few minutes to make that feeling into a free eCard. You’ll be amazed at the beauty and sophistication of our online eCard designs, and at how much you can do with them. You can alter practically every detail of our free eCards to suit your aesthetic taste, the message you want to convey, and the preferences of the person receiving your greeting. It’s all done through a super simple eCard maker that you can start using in zero seconds flat.

See below how easy it is to create an online eCard.

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How to make online eCards:


Decide on a design

Online eCards from Smilebox can be defined in three words: choice, choice, and choice. So many free eCard designs – so much fun to be had! Try one on for size by clicking it and then click “Personalize”.


Change the photo

By clicking “Add More Photos”, you get access to all of the images stored in your social media accounts, phone, and computer. The Smilebox online eCard maker enables you to upload a few at a time and try them out one by one in the free eCard template.



Now it’s really time to show your true colors – by changing the colors, text, and fonts of your online eCard. With intuitively easy buttons all included on one screen in the online eCard maker, you can transform your creation into something that is truly yours. Every time you change an element, the eCard maker immediately updates the template for you.



After checking that your free eCard has been personalized according to your wishes, it’s time to let it loose. You can share your online eCard via email, social media post, and printed copy.

Online eCards, great for both hectic lives and hooked Smilebox fans

For some eCard maker users, it’s like being a kid in a candy store. When you view our huge selection of free eCard designs, you’ll understand why. It’s got practically endless choice, plus, when a special day comes around, great free eCard ideas to inspire you. Once you get into all the personalization options, you might spend hours trying every combination you can think of. Smilebox eCard maker also accommodates people with a lot on their mind. It’s a relief to decide that you’re going to send an online eCard and then find out that it’s much faster than you thought. Moreover, you’ll get stunning results with minimum effort.

Free eCards for Every Need

Online eCards from Smilebox are provided in templates that cover holidays like Christmas, Easter, and Halloween; special days like Valentine’s and Mother’s Day; and everything in between. After customizing an online eCard maker template, you can share it through email, social media, and printing. Free eCards are only part of our offering. In addition to our online eCard maker, you are invited to try our slideshows, invitations, collages, and more. Every single format gives you the same level of choice and easy-to-use personalization functions as our online eCard maker.

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