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Surprise Dad with an animated Father’s Day card.

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Create happy Father's Day cards

Whether he goes by Dad or pop, your father should be honored and celebrated on Father’s Day. Father's Day is an opportunity to make dad smile and melt his  heart with your love. Photo eCards for Father’s Day are incredibly easy to create with our card maker. Browse through stunning templates and customize to your taste.

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Customize every detail of your Father’s Day electronic card.

Free Father’s Day cards you can print or share online

Dads are special to us. A custom Father’s Day ecard is perfect to let dad know how much he is loved. Whether he is goofy, strict or everything in between, we have every template to help you make dad smile or shed a tear. Take advantage of our Father’s Day card maker to customize any template that suits your style. Plus, you can also write your own message to show your appreciation to your dad. Our Father’s Day card maker is user-friendly and includes all the features you need to create an online or a printable Father’s Day card.

Looking to create your own online Father’s Day card? Check below to find out how to use Smilebox’s Father’s Day card maker.

How to make an online Father's Day card


Choose a perfect Father’s Day eCard design

Browse through our extensive collection of free Father’s Day card templates, choose one and click “Personalize”.


Upload a photo

Every template has a default photo you can use, but why not upload your own photo. All you need to do is click on “Add photos” to upload a photo from your device or social media accounts.



The online Father’s Day card maker lets you edit the template’s colors, font, and text to suit your dad’s preferences. All changes are updated immediately with our live preview window. There’s also an option to add music from your device or choose from our extensive library.


Share with Dad

Is your dad tech-savvy? just send him the free Father’s Day card on social media or through email. Not tech-savy? you can print a physical copy of the card and share it with dad.

Create Free Father’s Day cards in minutes!

More than gifts, nothing beats creating an unforgettable experience for dad. A custom Father’s Day card is a great way to celebrate that strong bond with your dad. With 3 easy steps, you can share with your dad an animated Father’s Day card using our Father’s Day card maker.

More than just online Father’s Day cards

Make your own Father’s Day eCard. It’s quick, easy and free. We also offer more Father’s Day products that you might be interested in. Check out our Father’s Day slideshows and collages. For all the laughs, tears and memories shared with dad, Smilebox the perfect place to start. Happy Father’s Day!

Create Father's Day Card
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