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Your pool party needs a free Smilebox pool party invitation

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Create pool party invites online

A pool party is only as awesome as the invitation inviting you to attend it, and it doesn’t get any more awesome than our fully customizable, animated online pool party invites!

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Choose the perfect pool party invitation template

Do we have a great selection of invites for you.

Perfect pool party invitations for kids and for adults

You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy a pool party! So if you’re planning to throw one for yourself, or throwing one for your kids – check out our huge selection of awesome pool party invites that can be share online or printed out on paper. Easy and fun to create!

All Smilebox party invites are fully customizable! Add your own photos, personalized text and choice of music. You can also play around with our design and layout. When you’re done share your invite via email, text message or on social media!

How to make pool party invitations online:


Find a pool

Then go to and browse through our huge selection of pool party invitation designs.


Pick an invite

Then customize it with your very own photos, music and personalized text.


Share with your guests

Invite your pool party guests with an awesome, animated online invite. You can also have them printed out on paper!


Make sure you have enough sunblock

Make sure that you and your guests stay safe in the sun!

Greet the summer with our pool party invites

Our pool party invites are the official fresheners of the season! Colorful, animated, customizable and simply tons of fun! No pool party is complete without!

Much more than pool party invitations

Pool parties aside, we’ve got a catalog full of online invites for any event or occasion. Check out our birthday invitation maker, or our email invitation maker. And remember – our animated invitations all come complete with advanced event management features that will help you set up your events.

Create Pool Party Invites
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