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Anniversary Slideshows for Your Yearly Milestone!

 Make anniversary slideshows to commemorate your life together.  

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 Make anniversary slideshows to commemorate your life together.  

Create a stunning anniversary slideshow

Free anniversary slideshows from Smilebox make a fantastic gift! Show you care with a thoughtful anniversary slideshow that displays some of your amazing moments. You can make an anniversary slideshow with photos, music and then personalize your anniversary slideshow layout to match your taste.

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Choose a loving anniversary slideshow template

Customize a template that tells your story in a romantic way

Anniversary slideshows put your feelings front and center!

Anniversary slideshows give you many ways to say what can’t always be said in words. By choosing the right photos and music, you can make an anniversary slideshow that expresses all the ways that you love your partner. It also helps that the free online anniversary slideshow maker from Smilebox comes complete with dozens of designs to start you off. But to make an anniversary slideshow that really captures your feelings, we give you lots of options for text and color so that you can enhance the message.

It only takes a few steps to create a fantastic anniversary slideshow – check it out!

Love and Swirls

How to make an anniversary slideshow:


Choose a design

Think for a moment about the feeling you want your anniversary slideshow to express. Once you find a template that is appropriate, click it, and then click “Personalize”.


Insert your favorite photos

Smilebox makes it easy to upload cherished images to your anniversary slideshow. All you need to do is click “Add More Photos” and pick your favorites from your computer, phone, and social media accounts. For added convenience, our “Autofill” feature will place the chosen images on the slides for you, although you can always choose to place each one individually.


Add your personality

Here’s where you can place all of the messages that are close to your heart and give them all the color and style that you desire. You can liven up your anniversary slideshow even more with our animation effects. If you want to change anything, you will see the difference immediately by using the “Preview & Share” button, or by looking at the anniversary slideshow display at the bottom of the screen.


Share with the one who cares

There’s at least one other person who will love to see the anniversary slideshow that you’ve created. We make it easy to get it to them with options for sharing via email and social media. Of course, don’t forget to save it on your computer as well, because you’ll want to view your anniversary slideshow every year from now on.

Anniversary slideshows can’t go wrong

Free online anniversary slideshow maker might just be the best gift that you don’t have to buy. What could be better than an anniversary slideshow that brings equal fun to the both of you? When you make an anniversary slideshow, you can include all the great memories of the past year. So, from now on, deliver your present along with an anniversary slideshow, and make it a tradition! You can even make an anniversary slideshow along with your partner as a fun and special activity.

Make anniversary slideshows for family and friends

Don’t keep your talent a secret! Show other loved ones your anniversary slideshow creation. Our free online anniversary slideshow maker gives you lots of options for sharing your inspiration far and wide. You can put the anniversary slideshow on your Facebook page, save to your computer, and even share it by email to your phone. Anniversaries will never be the same once you get hooked on the free online anniversary slideshow maker from Smilebox!

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