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Photo album creator is an amazingly convenient way to put your pictures together.

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Personalized photo albums from Smilebox take minutes to create but give a lifetime of enjoyment. Make photo albums with a personalized theme for different types of photos. Change layouts and features in the photo album template at will to get a new look for each one. And, with our easy sharing options, everyone in the family can see your personalized photo album.

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Free photo albums from Smilebox provide a dazzling array of choice. Our selection of photo album templates covers a wide range of styles. But even while working on your personalized photo album, you can still make changes. Try out different embellishments, backgrounds, and the number of images per page. Photo album maker allows all of this to be done on a single page of our platform. When you make photo albums, every adaptation appears immediately in the photo album template. That’s why, every time you work on a different personalized photo album, it takes a few clicks to come up with a totally new style.

All of this is possible in one straightforward platform. Read below to learn more.

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How to create a photo album:


Select a template

Photo album maker delivers a wide range of template moods and themes. Find the one that comes closest to your notion, click it, and then click “Personalize”.


Upload photos

Photo album maker has lots of placeholders for images. When you make photo albums, Smilebox lets you view all of the photos that you have stored in your social media accounts, computer, and phone. To start the process, choose “Add More Photos”.



Personalized photo albums from Smilebox allow you to experiment with a whole bunch of options. You can edit text, change colors, and even use music files and animation.



Free photo albums can be saved and cherished alone, but sharing them with friends and family is a lot more fun. Our photo album maker enables you to spread the joy through email and social media posts.

Free photo albums will surprise you with superior selection

Photo album maker can be the new place to save your best memories. Don’t keep your favorite photos sitting in storage – make photo albums to bring them into the light. For each type of photo – family, activities, work, and so on – use our personalized photo album maker to give it the right spin. Chances are that you’ll find a photo album template that is already set up for your creation. Make photo albums within moments or after careful thought. You can search your image collections meticulously and experiment with different ones just by inserting them in the photo well of the photo album maker. Finalize your free photo album with some artistic flair, save it, and share it with those who care.

Make photo albums together with family and friends

Photo album maker is so simple to use, it’s literally child’s play – so why not use it in that way? Creating a personalized photo album can be an activity for the whole family, or each kid one by one. Sit with your children separately as they use the photo album maker to pick the photos of themselves and those around them that they like the most. Then let them try out different looks for their photo album template. Plus, for family fun, you can let each child design one page in the photo album maker and then finalize it yourself for everyone to enjoy. When it’s done, you can share the personalized photo album with relatives and friends, be it online, through email, or even with printed copies. The free photo albums that you share will be admired for years to come.

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