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Memorial Slideshows
Memorialize Your Loved One's Story

Create beautiful memorial and funeral slideshows that you can share with family and friends

Create a Memorial Slideshow

Create a memorial slideshow

Keep a loved one’s memory alive with a memorial slideshow that tells their story. Our memorial slideshow maker will help you pay tribute in a beautiful way. Simply add cherished photos and music they loved, and we'll handle the rest. From funeral slideshows to private keepsakes to videos for sharing on Facebook, our templates can be customized for every type of remembrance.

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Choose a beautiful memorial slideshow template

Select a funeral slideshow template that will help honor your loved one

Bring their story to life with our funeral slideshow maker

A memorial photo slideshow is a wonderful way to celebrate someone’s life. Our wide variety of templates let you commemorate everyone from fallen heroes, to dear friends or family members to beloved pets. Easily add photos, text, music and more to create an emotional tribute you’ll cherish forever. The memorial you made can be used for funeral slideshows, shared privately over email, or posted on Facebook and Instagram for all to appreciate.

See below how simple it is to create a memorial slideshow.

Funeral Slideshow - A Beautiful Tribute

How to make a memorial video with music


Choose a memorial slideshow template

Browse our offering of professionally-designed memorial slideshow templates. When you find the right design for your loved one's remembrance, choose it and click “Personalize”.


Insert photos

Upload photos of or with your loved one from your computer, phone, Facebook or Instagram. You may also choose existing photos in your Smilebox gallery. You can add more photos at any time by clicking “Add photos” on the top-left of the Editor page.



Once your photos are in place, customize your funeral video with the right words and captions to help memorialize your loved one. Then you can either choose one of the songs in our music library or add your own by clicking “Upload music” on the slideshow maker. You can also adjust the slideshow speed and change the color scheme.



Click Preview to make sure everything looks right, and give your creation a name. Then you can share your memorial privately by email or SMS, download to save on your computer or share at a funeral, or post it to Facebook and Instagram for all to appreciate.

Memorial slideshow maker - easily add music and photos to cherish their memory

Make your tribute truly personal with the music he or she loved. Choose a song from our music library, or upload your own. Keep it to one track, or combine a few songs. If you prefer, you can also choose to have no music played at all for a peaceful silence.

Light up their legacy with one of our funeral slideshow templates

Our memorial and funeral slideshow templates were designed to be respectful, comforting and heartwarming. They can be easily customized by anyone to show how much someone meant to you. Simply drag and drop your photos in the right order, adjust the colors and speed to your liking, add text if desired, and pick your music.

Create a Memorial Slideshow
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Create a Memorial Slideshow