Online Birthday Cards Get You Lots of Credit

Free birthday cards take moments to create but get a lifetime of appreciation.

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Free birthday cards take moments to create but get a lifetime of appreciation.

Create a stunning birthday card

Online birthday card maker from Smilebox provides templates that can be customized according to the individual personality or special bond that you have with loved ones. With only a few mouse clicks and a bit of typing in the birthday card maker, you can personalize online birthday cards in ways that will definitely get noticed.

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Free online birthday card maker for quality you can customize

The online birthday card maker from Smilebox provides designs from a staff that is dedicated to bringing you many beautiful choices. But once you pick an online birthday card template, it’s your turn to give it a look that the birthday boy or girl will love. The birthday eCard maker helps out here as well. Our user-friendly platform puts all of the personalization choices on one easy-to-view screen. Changing fonts, colors, and text is child’s play when you customize an online birthday card. Options for choosing photos from various locations and adding music files to your free birthday card are also easy steps to take.

To get started, follow the 4 simple steps below.

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How to make online birthday cards:


Pick a birthday card design

From grade school kids to grandparents, the online birthday card maker has a template for everyone. Find the one that suits the birthday boy or girl the most, and then click “Personalize”.


Choose a photo

The birthday eCard maker enables you to upload photos from every major device – phones, computers, and social media. Within the online birthday card maker, you can have several photos on the screen at once, and click each to see how well it fits with your free birthday card.


Personalize the design just for them

Adapt the text with your special birthday message, add music, and change the birthday card maker template colors to suit your needs. Every time you edit your online birthday card, the change shows instantaneously on the birthday eCard design.


Share it far and wide

Email, social media post, saving to your computer, and printing are among the ways for you to save and send your free birthday card – all with just a few clicks.

Online birthday cards can be private or popular

Birthday card maker sharing options let you easily send your customized online birthday card to just one person, or hundreds. Email is a great option for a personal message, but a social media post lets the world know about the special occasion – and your skill for making beautiful online birthday cards. So, if the birthday boy or girl doesn’t mind the attention, why not put your free birthday card up for everyone to see?

Free birthday cards stand on their own or can come with a gift

Smilebox online birthday cards look good enough to be presented all by themselves. Printed versions in particular make for a special and unique present. This is even more so if you use our digital photo frame to showcase your creation. If you’re not nearby enough to give a gift, then an online birthday card is an option that makes great sense. However, if giving a gift is your goal, then combine it with a paper copy of your online birthday card. This special combination will stand out for the birthday boy or girl. Chances are that they might still cherish the free birthday card that you created just for them after they have forgotten the gift!

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