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Online Anniversary Cards for Another Year of Bliss

Anniversary card maker inspires an even stronger connection.

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Anniversary card maker inspires an even stronger connection.

Create a stunning anniversary card

The anniversary eCard maker from Smilebox can be used to sum up the previous year or look forward to the next. With photos and text that can be customized easily, your free anniversary card will say anything your heart desires. When personalizing the online anniversary card maker, use images from the course of your lives together to remember fun times, or insert text with sweet messages about the future.

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Online anniversary cards for intimate sharing or worldwide showing

Online anniversary cards are often about the two of you. Customize the anniversary eCard maker with images of secret moments and confidential stories. Arranging the perfect free anniversary card is made easy with a personalization platform that updates your design every time you make a change, even if you don’t save it on your computer (although it’s recommended). But if keeping quiet about your awesome partner isn’t your style, Smilebox is there for you. The anniversary card maker will post your free anniversary card to all of your social media channels. Your online friends will be jealous when they see your stunning online anniversary

To discover more about the advantages of our anniversary eCard maker, keep reading.

Love and Swirls

How to make anniversary cards:


Find a template

Open the anniversary eCard maker platform and check out the wide selection of designs. Find the free anniversary card that really catches your eye, click it, and then click “Personalize”.


Choose a photo

Our free anniversary cards come ready with a fitting image for the theme of the template. Uploading your own is easy as pie. Simply click “Add More Photos” and you will be able to access all the images on your phone, social media accounts, and computer. You can upload a few at a time and drag them onto the online anniversary card maker template to see which one looks the best.



Change the details of your free anniversary card. Editing is simple with the various buttons and text options all located on the same screen of the anniversary card maker platform.



Once you are satisfied that your message is coming across, finalize and share your free anniversary card with your significant other. Email it as a surprise, print it and give it to them in person, or put it on social media.

Online anniversary cards can be a mutual experience

The online anniversary card maker has been designed for simple operation and fast results. Even if you are busy, it takes only minutes to put together a touching free anniversary card that your significant other will love. Combine it with a traditional anniversary gift or something they’ve been asking for, and enjoy the love that comes your way. You can even gently nudge your partner to give the online anniversary card maker a try. Chances are that you will each come up with different ideas for your online anniversary cards, and memories will come flooding in. Imagine exchanging free anniversary cards every year in an affectionate competition. You can even post your online anniversary cards to social media and let the world be your judge!

Online anniversary cards are just one way to celebrate your years together

Anniversary card maker from Smilebox is merely a sample of the online cards that we provide. Of course, you want to express your love more than once a year, and we make this easy with a number of other products. We have Thank You cards, thinking of you messages, and designs just to say I love you. Beyond these, check out our cards for holidays and family occasions. Moreover, we give you a whole bunch of ways to commemorate your anniversary. Have a look at our selection of collages, scrapbooks, and slideshows. Each can be customized with an anniversary theme or practically anything you wish. All Smilebox products deliver the same level of selection and ease of use as our online anniversary card maker.

Create Anniversary Card
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