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Love Slideshow Maker – Show Them How Much You Care

Share your romantic love story with a love-themed slideshow!

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Create a cute love slideshow

Smilebox’s love slideshow maker was made with affection in mind. Of course, there is no one size fits all when it comes to feelings, so our love slideshow software has dozens of designs. Say “I love you” by customizing a love photo slideshow template for your significant other, your kids, relatives, and special friends. You never run out of love, and with Smilebox’s romantic slideshows, you’ll never run out of ways to say it either.

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“I love you” slideshow for your boyfriend or girlfriend

Romantic moments come up a lot: anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, proposals and weddings—the list goes on. However big or small the occasion, it’s nice to make your special someone feel loved. And sometimes, creating a sentimental surprise goes a lot further than an expensive store-bought gift.

Go ahead and make your loved one smile with a moving slideshow of your favorite moments and memories. It’s as easy as following the 4 steps below.

Tiles Of Love

How to make a love slideshow:


Pick a romantic slideshow template

There’s all kinds of love in the world, so we’ve given you tons of love slideshow template moods from which to choose. After you have found one that suits your fancy, click it and then click “Personalize”.


Add affectionate images

Now you can put all of the pics that you have stored on your phone, social media accounts, and computer to another use. It’s simple! Just click “Add Photos” and then choose the images that fit your feelings. If you’re adding a lot of pics, it might help to use the “Autofill” feature, which puts images onto slides for you. Alternately, you can click each photo separately to get it into the slideshow.


Give it that loving feeling

A huge selection of colors, text boxes, and text styles allows you to personalize your love slideshow just the way you like it. You can also spice things up with fun animation tools and by adding music.


Send your love

Whether it’s one person or one hundred, Smilebox gives you lots of choices when sharing your love photo slideshow. Choose from our email and social media sharing options, and save your love slideshow on your PC for future reminiscing. Take note that the finalized copy is a high-quality version that is a joy to watch. If you wish, you may print it as well.

Love slideshows – you’ll love making them

Love slideshows are as entertaining to make as they are to receive! The intuitive way of using Smilebox’s romantic slideshow maker, plus fascinating templates, is something that many people enjoy on its own. That’s why, after getting tons of praise from loved ones who receive your slideshow, we’re sure you’ll come back again and again.

Love slideshows are only the beginning

Smilebox’s slideshows go way beyond the theme of everyday affection. We have free slideshows for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and all sorts of other occasions. But there’s more! We have free online invitations, eCards, and collages as well. Each one is easy and enjoyable to use. No matter what the occasion or the emotion, it’s easy to find and customize a template to get your message across.

Create a Love Slideshow
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