Online Get Well Cards Are Just What the Doctor Ordered

The get well eCard maker is a modern remedy for sick day blues.

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The get well eCard maker is a modern remedy for sick day blues.

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Get well card maker from Smilebox is easier to deliver than a bowl of chicken soup but still warms the soul. By using our get well card maker, you’re choosing a quick way to say “feel good” to a loved one. You can send a free get well card by email or social media, or print it and deliver it personally.

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Online get well cards for a quick cure or in-depth therapy

Get well eCard maker lets you assemble a wonderful looking free get well card in only a few minutes. When someone you care about is ill, the get well eCard maker conveys your concern with a personalized message and thoughtful image. Online get well cards can also be printed and delivered with a gift. The get well card maker produces a high-resolution version as part of the finalization process. You can print your free get well card at home in amazing color, and then bring it along when you visit the patient.

Using the get well eCard maker requires no technical skills at all. Read on to find out how it works.

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How to make get well cards:


Choose a design

The get well card maker has templates specifically for those under the weather. Simply open the Smilebox platform, find the get well card maker category, and choose the one that you like most. Click it and then click “Personalize”.


Find a photo

Free get well cards from Smilebox come prepared with a nicely rendered image. If you want something more personal, it’s easy to upload it from your computer, social media accounts, and phone. Just click “Add More Photos” to get access to your image files.



Here’s the part where you type in a heartfelt message. Note that you can change basically all of the text in the free get well card. You can also experiment with different colors and fonts. Any change that you make to the online get well card maker appears immediately.



Once you are satisfied with how you have customized your online get well card, you can finalize and share it with the convalescing relative or friend. Sharing options include email, social media, and printed copy.

Online get well cards can be customized with tender loving care

The Smilebox get well card maker can personalize your card with ease. For every day that your friend or relative is ill, you can send them a free get well card. Either change the message a bit each day, or make a totally new online get well card every time. The online get well card maker can also become a participatory activity. Anyone who wants to send a free get well card will find that they can do so easily. Even kids can upload a picture and perhaps type in a few good wishes. The Smilebox get well card maker also allows music files to play whenever the card is opened, and picking the tune can be left up to any family member.

You’ll never get sick of making free get well cards

get well eCard maker is convenient, free, and even fun! When someone important to you is feeling blue, cheer yourself up, and them as well, with an online get well card. Take some time to really focus on creating the most thoughtful free get well card that you can as a way to pass the time. You can be sure that your sick friend will notice the effort. And, when they’re feeling better, rejoice with them by using an online get well card. Such a final note that shows how much you care will make their total recovery even faster.

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