Online Christmas Cards Make Great Stocking Stuffers

Free Christmas cards can be shared in many ways and opened on Christmas Day.

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Free Christmas cards can be shared in many ways and opened on Christmas Day.

Create a stunning Christmas card

Use our Christmas eCard maker to create this season’s free Christmas cards. Then, you can share each one in an original way. Print our online Christmas cards and give them out when the presents are opened. For distant loved ones, you can send your online Christmas card maker creation by email on Christmas morning. You can even bless a whole bunch of people at once by posting your online Christmas card to social media, where all your friends can read it.

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Christmas eCard maker saves time for other holiday essentials

Smilebox Christmas card maker produces wonderful and free Christmas cards without requiring any type of skill. In just a few minutes, you can choose and personalize an online Christmas card. The same goes for sharing: with a couple of clicks, the Christmas card maker will send your creation to all of your friends and family. This leaves a lot more time to focus on the holiday. After finishing up using the Christmas eCard maker in a jiffy, you can get back to cooking, decorating, preparing the tree, and getting ready for church. But don’t forget to check your email once in a while as your loved ones respond to the thoughtful online Christmas card that you sent to them!

The Christmas card maker is user friendly and intuitive. See below how easy it is!

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How to make online Christmas cards:


Choose a Christmas card design

Our Christmas eCard maker is loaded with online Christmas card themes of all sorts. Look through the list and choose your favorite, and then click “Personalize”.


Find a Yuletide photo

The Christmas card maker lets you upload photos from your phone, so if you want something recent, you can simply take a picture right now! To load it to the online Christmas card maker, click “Add More Photos”, and the instructions will tell you how it’s done. Alternately, you can grab images from your computer and social media accounts.



Changing the text, fonts, and colors of your online Christmas card is quick and easy. All you need to do is click the personalization window buttons or type in the desired text. Each change is updated immediately in the online Christmas card maker.


Finalize and share

After doing a last check to see that all the details are correct, you can email, print, and post your online Christmas card to social media.

Customizing your online Christmas card photo is a snap

After picking a design for your online Christmas card, you can also change the picture. The online Christmas card maker gives you the choice of photos stored on your computer, phone, and social media accounts. If you aren’t sure which photo is most appropriate for your online Christmas card, you can insert several into the viewing pane of the personalization window, and click on each to see if it is the best match.

Online Christmas card maker for Christmases past, present, and future

Using our Christmas card maker over the years will result in a great collection of holiday images. What could be better than a free Christmas card that traces the growth of your family over time? Each Christmas, you can reminisce over the fun you had during the previous season. The same is true for loved ones. Sending an online Christmas card every year to your family will give them something to look at during Christmas time, especially if you can’t be together. And, when you all finally meet, make sure you take a picture to use for next year’s online Christmas cards.

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