Valentine’s Day Slideshows Put Your Devotion on Display!

Make a Valentine’s Day slideshow and get ready for romance.

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Make a Valentine’s Day slideshow and get ready for romance.

Create a stunning Valentine's Day slideshow

A Valentine's Day photo slideshow is something you can make at home or in the office, in a few minutes, or after a few hours. With our free Valentine's Day slideshows, the final look is up to you. But even when you are pressed for time, you can still make a Valentine's Day slideshow that blows them away.

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Valentine’s Day slideshows present the perfect mood!

Valentine’s Day slideshows from Smilebox can be personalized to reflect your unique relationship. We have a phenomenal range of free Valentine's Day slideshow designs, each with a different style. Once you add your intimate photos and use our versatile customization tools, you’ll have a Valentine's Day slideshow built just for the two of you. Our Valentine's Day slideshow maker lets you choose from a number of ways to show them your creation. You can email or post the Valentine's Day slideshow to your social media page, or save to your computer and watch it together as a couple or as a surprise.

Read on to see how easy it is to create a Valentine's Day photo slideshow.

All Hearts Slideshow

How to make a Valentine’s Day slideshow:


Pick a template

Our long list of Valentine's Day slideshow designs cover pretty much all of the bases. Scroll down the list and click one that catches your eye. Then choose “Personalize”.


Add your best photos

Next, click “Add More Photos”, which lets you upload your most loving images. Are they saved in various places? No problem – our free Valentine's Day slideshow maker enables you to access images on your computer, phone, and social media accounts. Once you have made your selections, you can either click on each to load them onto the slides, or use our convenient “Autofill” feature, which does the job for you.


Personalize with passion

Now comes the most enjoyable part of making a Valentine's Day slideshow: your special touch. We give you lots of ways to make your Valentine's Day slideshow all your own. From every color of the rainbow, to creative text and font options, to music files, you can adjust your Valentine's Day photo slideshow to reflect your unique bond. At any point, you can see how it looks with our “Preview & Share” tool, or check out the mini-slideshow at the bottom of the customization page.


Share with your partner

The best way to view your Valentine's Day slideshow is together, so we make it easy to save it on your computer. If someone is working late or is far away (or has forgotten!), you can celebrate at a distance by sharing your Valentine's Day photo slideshow by email or social media post.

Valentine's Day slideshows just for the two of you

Valentine's Day photo slideshow templates can be customized in a hurry or with great attention to detail. Whichever route you choose, we give you all the tools to make a Valentine's Day slideshow that expresses your one-of-a-kind relationship in many ways that words can’t. And, when you are done, our Valentine's Day slideshow maker renders a finalized version that is an experience all on its own. It’s a high resolution copy that looks great on both a small and big screen, and which can also be saved as an MP4 movie file.

Valentine's Day photo slideshows that you’ll love to make

Valentine's Day slideshows are all about love, including the experience of making one. We’ve designed our Valentine's Day slideshow maker to be easy to use but full of fun features. You may find that building your Valentine's Day slideshow is just as, or even more enjoyable than, the usual shopping for a gift. Make Valentine's Day slideshows a set part of your Valentine's Day celebration!

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