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The wedding invitation maker for a stress-free planning process.

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The wedding invitation maker for a stress-free planning process.

Create wedding invitations online

Wedding invitation maker is an ideal way to give one of the biggest announcements of your life. That’s why the Smilebox free wedding invitation maker provides such a wide choice of designs – we know you want your online wedding invitation to be glorious. Combined with fantastic personalization tools, our free wedding invitation maker sets the standard for the rest of the celebration.

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Online wedding invitations make planning part of the fun

Free wedding invitation maker from Smilebox is easy to use and creates a stunning effect. With a huge selection of wedding invitation maker templates at your disposal, you’ll love narrowing them down until you find the perfect one. Then you can try out different photos of you and your betrothed – any changes to the online wedding invitation maker template can be seen immediately. But online wedding invitations are more than just impressive. They are actually a tool that makes for smooth planning. Use online wedding invitations as an RSVP service and as a reminder. Any changes regarding time and place can be sent to guests instantaneously just by making a few changes using our free wedding invitation maker.

Smilebox online wedding invitation maker is user friendly and extremely intuitive – check it out below.

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How to create a wedding invitation online:


Find a favored design

Our selection of wedding invitation templates is immense. Find the one that is the right fit for the personality of your affair, then click it and on “Personalize”.


Choose a photo

Our wedding invitation maker allows you to access all the photos stored on your computer, phone, and social media accounts, so you’ll have lots of choices when it comes to finding the ultimate online wedding invitation picture. Not sure which is the most appropriate? Just upload a few into the section under “Add More Photos” and click on each one to try it out.


Craft it for the occasion

You can personalize the digital wedding invitation with all kinds of color, fonts, and text choices, as well as music files. Again, you can experiment with different looks, because each change is automatically displayed in the wedding invitation maker.


Finalize and share

When everything in the wedding invitation looks right, you can create a final high-quality copy and send it to guests. Our online wedding invitation maker has sharing options that include email and social media, while you can also put the invitation in your computer’s storage. Finally, you can print the your wedding invitation at home.

Wedding invitation maker - not just for inviting

Online wedding invitations can be a memento that you’ll always cherish. Imagine a collection of wedding treasures that includes the wonderful greeting that you created with our online wedding invitation maker! We make sure that this memory lasts a long while with a high-resolution copy that you receive when you finalize and print the design that you created with the free wedding invitation maker. The wedding invitation maker also provides keepsakes for family and friends. You can give out copies of your creation at the wedding itself. And don’t forget that everyone on your list receives a digital copy of your online wedding invitation that they can also save. Lastly, with the ability to post to social media, you can post your online wedding invitation for the world to see.

The online wedding invitation maker is for practical nuptials

The wedding invitation maker allows both you and your spouse to try out different looks for your online wedding invitation in the comfort of your home or anywhere else that you have a computer. Because it allows instant design changes, it doesn’t take long to get to a final version when you use our free wedding invitation maker. Online wedding invitation maker also makes it easy to communicate with your guests. You can send a whole bunch of different notices to your guests depending on what you need – an initial notice, an RSVP service, a reminder, and even information about changes.

Create Wedding Invitation
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Create Wedding Invitation

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