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Real Estate Flyers

Show off your properties with stunning real estate flyers that can be shared online or in print!

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Create real estate flyers

Our real estate flyer maker is a quick and easy way to boost your sales. The expertly designed templates used in our flyer maker result in a refined look for every property in your inventory. It’s so easy that it requires no training whatsoever – ideal for a busy professional agent or an owner selling their house.

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Real estate flyer maker – list as many properties as you like

Easily produce real estate agent flyers that are customized to your every need. Our real estate flyer maker suits realtors that need to advertise many properties as well as homeowners who are looking to sell just one property. Make a strong impression with gorgeous photos, catchy text, and of course all your business details.

Simply choose one of our ready-to-go templates designed for real estate sales—and follow the 4 steps below.

Property Listing

How to create a real estate flyer:


Pick a real estate flyer template

Browse our selection of real estate flyer template and choose the one that suits what you are selling. Once you have found the best match, click “Personalize”.


Add photos of your listing

Smilebox makes it easy to upload any photos that you have taken of your properties. Simply click “Add Photos” and you will gain access to all of the images on your phone, social media account, and computer.


Add the details about the property

Change the text of the real estate flyer template to reflect all the details of your listing. If you’re in an artistic mood, you can also alter the existing fonts and colors. Be sure to add your business details as well, including your logo, contact information and important links.


Make it public and get the selling going

Take a last look to ensure the accuracy of your information, and then finalize your creation. You can now print it (either yourself or with our print service) and hang it or hand it out. You may also share it digitally via email, social media, text message and more.

Turn your open house into a success

The secret to a great open house is a great turnout, right? That’s where spreading the word effectively—well ahead of time—is key. No matter what type of property you have for sale, you need some kind of flyer or brochure to help you get the word out. Our flyers kill two birds with one stone, as the same flyer can be easily shared online as well as printed on high-quality photo paper or cardstock. Whatever your personal style, we’ve got you covered.

Take your real estate marketing a step further

Once your flyer is ready, it’s time to make a real estate slideshow. Slideshows are an impressive advertising tool, both for commercial and private real estate deals. They are pleasant to watch, and give the viewer a clear picture of the property. If you’re looking to promote sales or services in other industries, check out our flyer templates for all small and medium businesses: including restaurants, photographers, spas, cleaners and much more.

Create Real Estate Flyer
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