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Travel Slideshows Are a Moving Experience!

Free travel slideshows save memories forever.

Create a Vacation Slideshow

Free travel slideshows save memories forever.

Create a stunning travel slideshow

Travel photo slideshows aren’t just fun to make – they are a must-have! Free travel slideshows from Smilebox let you make a record of every day and every adventure. Change the text on your travel slideshow template to remember all of these special moments in detail. With travel slideshow maker, you’ll never forget a minute!

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Travel slideshows travel with you

Free travel slideshows can be sent anywhere, from anyplace, as long as you have a computer and an Internet connection. Smilebox lets you keep your friends and family updated with travel slideshows that you can share when you are visiting the world’s greatest cities or taking trips off the beaten path. Travel slideshow maker is also a great way to sum up your grand expeditions once you are comfortably back at home. Smilebox lets you upload photos from phones and social media accounts to your travel slideshow. Imagine a welcome back party with your travel slideshow as the center attraction!

Making a travel slideshow is simple and fun – and takes only a few minutes!

Vacation Slideshow

How to create a vacation slideshow:


Choose a design

Travel slideshow templates from Smilebox are specifically made as an easy starting point for recording your adventures. Have a look at our large selection, click the one you like most, and then on “Personalize”.


Add images of your expedition

After clicking “Add More Photos”, you can upload the photos you took on your trip to your travel slideshow. Many of these are probably on your phone and social media account, so Smilebox makes it easy to find and choose them. Don’t worry about the number of photos that you want as part of your travel slideshow – you can use dozens. Once you are finished, the travel slideshow maker can organize them on the slides automatically with the “Autofill” tool, or alternately, you can organize each one individually.



No two trips are the same, so we give you lots of ways to enhance your travel slideshow template to reflect your locale. Change the colors, text, and font in the way that most suits the photos on the screen. You can also add music to your travel slideshows and make their presentation more exciting with our animation features.


Share with the whole planet

Once you have finalized your travel slideshow, it’s time to send it to mom and dad, your besties, and everyone else who’s keeping track of your trip. You don’t have to wait to get home to share your creation, because you can share your travel slideshow by email and social media. You can also save it to your computer’s hard drive for watching during your Welcome Back celebration.

Free travel slideshows keep you in touch

Travel slideshows from Smilebox can be created and sent to anyone, including all the amazing characters that you meet on your trip. Imagine sending a travel photo slideshow to all of your new friends, including pictures of you together! You can also post your travel slideshow to social media for them to access it instantly. In this way, a free travel slideshow becomes the starting point of an interactive relationship that can last for years. You might even take your next trip with them, and make a travel slideshow together.

Travel slideshows let you enjoy your exploits for years

Travel slideshows allow you to make a lasting record of all of your fun. With just pictures, it’s likely that you’ll forget names, places, and particularly, the story behind the picture. But with travel slideshow maker, it’s problem solved. Just type the important details for every picture on the slides of your travel slideshow. Years from now, when you are watching your travel slideshows, all the memories will come back to you.

Create a Vacation Slideshow
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Create a Vacation Slideshow

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