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Digital scrapbooking with Smilebox lets you make a stunning online scrapbook. It all begins with one of the scrapbook layouts devised by our artists. Then it’s your turn to choose your favorite look and customize it to your full contentment. We’re talking some serious free scrapbooking here, because Smilebox has a platform that delivers practically endless permutations.

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Online scrapbooks to satisfy your imagination for images

Free scrapbooking isn’t just an idle pastime like it used to be. The online scrapbook platform is all about putting many of those selfies and social media photos to good use. When you make an online scrapbook, you can gather all kinds of images from across your devices into a cohesive scrapbook layout. Digital scrapbooking is also a fun social activity, both for creating and sharing. With so many pages in our scrapbook layouts, there’s lots of room for everyone to contribute. In addition, with the easy sharing option of our online scrapbook platform, you can send your cooperative creations to everyone in your life. You can also use our free scrapbooking for graduation scrapbooks, birthday scrapbooks, and wedding scrapbooks.

Digital scrapbooking is downright simple – keep reading to find out why.

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How to create a scrapbook:


Select a design

Scrapbook layouts abound in our online scrapbook platform. You can even find specialized designs for wedding scrapbooks, graduation scrapbooks, and birthday scrapbooks. Find the look that you like the most, and then click it and on “Personalize”.


Insert photos

Make an online scrapbook with literally dozens of photos. With our free scrapbooking platform, it’s easy to find them – just click “Add More Photos”. This gives you access to all of the images that you have saved in your social media account, computer, and phone.



Digital scrapbooking the Smilebox way means that you can spend hours trying out all of the different customization features available on our online scrapbook platform. Experiment with different setups until you find the perfect match. You can also adapt the text to any message that you please.



Make an online scrapbook that you can share with friends and family. Our free scrapbooking platform lets you send your creation through social media posts and email.

Online scrapbooks customized for the occasion

Make an online scrapbook for something specific. We have designs that let you create wedding scrapbooks, birthday scrapbooks, and graduation scrapbooks with minimum effort. Take a look as well at our scrapbook layouts for families, special days, and general expressions of fun. No matter which digital scrapbooking design you choose, each will allow you to make all the simple but advanced refinements that will turn your online scrapbook into something unique. Over time, you can build up an amazing collection of personalized free scrapbooking designs that you will look at for years to come.

Digital scrapbooking was meant for sharing

Make an online scrapbook that all of your loved ones will enjoy. For holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, or other special times, you can customize any scrapbook layout with text and designs that are exactly what the celebration demands. Then it’s only a couple of simple steps to share your personalized online scrapbook with relatives, friends, or a person who deserves particular attention today. The free scrapbooking platform gives you options for printing at home. For Internet use, send your online scrapbook to Facebook or email it. The rendering engine of our free scrapbooking platform delivers a final version that is high resolution, so that everyone who sees your customized scrapbook layout will remember it for a lifetime.

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