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Our free online slideshow maker turns your precious photos into meaningful stories.

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Our free online slideshow maker turns your precious photos into meaningful stories.

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Your life is a series of stories waiting to be told. Whether it’s a big moment like a graduation or a small one like getting your first puppy, we have the template for any story. Make a slideshow with music in minutes with your favorite photos, song and personalized captions. Our super-simple platform lets anyone create a photo slideshow with music and share them with friends and family.

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Smilebox slideshow maker comes complete with template designs for every occasion. Smilebox lets you create slideshows for holidays, family events, or just for fun. But even better, our free online slideshow maker with music is loaded with dozens of styles and layouts in each of these categories. With Smilebox, you’ll never run out of options when you make a slideshow. Try it now! All it takes is a few steps to make a slideshow exactly the way you want. We’ve designed a simple platform that lets you create slideshows quickly and easily, but still add all of the amazing features that will inspire you to use our free online slideshow maker again and again.

See below just how easy it is to create slideshows that you’ll be enjoying—and sharing—for years to come!

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How to make a slideshow with music:


Pick a template

Log in to view our vast collection of templates. Choose your occasion, whether a holiday, graduation, major life event, or other special moment. Simply click the template you want, and then click “Personalize.”


Add pics

Easily upload photos by clicking “Add More Photos” on the top left of your template. Choose files from your computer, phone, Facebook, and Instagram. Once you’re done, click “Autofill,” and Smilebox will automatically arrange them for you. Or, you can drag and drop them where you wish.


Put your personal touch

Dress up your photo slideshow with music, custom text, animations, fonts, color schemes, and more. Simply click the personalization panel on the right-hand side of your template. Changes to these features can be made in an instant, so you can see all kinds of different layouts just by clicking a button. Preview your creation with the “Preview & Share” option, while the display at the bottom of the page shows your work in progress.


Share it far and wide

Almost done! After using your favorite features, choose “Preview and Share”. If you’re happy with your masterpiece, share it now with friends and family. Upload it to social media, send by email, or save it on your computer. You can also download your slideshow maker creation as an MP4 file. The final product is a high resolution version that brings out the most beautiful aspects of your photos and template.

Make a slideshow, make memories

Smilebox Slideshow Maker with music might be fun and easy to use, but don’t underestimate how much people will appreciate your effort. Smilebox lets you create slideshows that are much more than just pictures. With our custom templates and heartfelt effects, your pictures will stand out like never before. Our free online slideshow maker has become the favorite way for many Smilebox members to celebrate the important moments of life.

Slideshows that are one of a kind

We built a slideshow maker that allows you to express yourself to the fullest—no design skills required. The days of having to choose cookie-cutter slideshows are over! We deliver free online slideshow maker features that give you endless color combinations, themes, and personalization options. With Smilebox, you’ll never run out of choices for custom photo slideshows with music for any occasion. And don’t forget our equally impressive selection of eCards, collages, invitations, announcements, and more.

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