It can be hard to find the right words when a loved one faces difficulty related to illness, injury or death. The generic ‘get well soon’ message found in so many greeting cards at the store can feel really impersonal and unoriginal, not to mention out of step with how much you care.

Or maybe you want to send a thoughtful message to an acquaintance, and the heavy stuff in get well soon cards feels weird.

No need to worry! It’s 100% possible to be thoughtful or funny—and always appropriate.

We’ve put together some wording ideas that range from classic to funny to inspirational depending on the situation and your own vibe. Do a quick copy and paste right into your card from any of the examples below, or tweak to make them all your own!

Get Well Soon Quotes

Classic Speedy recovery quotes 

These are for all of you who take comfort in tradition. The universal language of ‘get well soon’ stands the test of time for a reason—it works and makes people feel good.

  • Thinking of you with warm thoughts and wishes for good health.
  • Praying for your strength and return to good health.
  • Our entire team hopes you feel like your awesome self again soon!
  • We heard you’re sick—feel better soon!
  • [I, we, The {insert Last Name} Family] is rooting for you!
  • We’re here for you. Get better soon.
  • Getting better sometimes takes a village. We’re here for you!

What to Write In Get Well CardsFunny get well soon quotes

Wanna keep things light and bright for a not-so-serious illness? Try one of these.

  • I’ll feel better when you do. Get well soon!
  • We’re sick over hearing you’re unwell—get well soon!
  • A little bird told me you’re sick. I don’t like that bird! Feel better soon!
  • By get well soon, I mean get well now.
  • Dinner on me when you feel better… Are you better yet? J
  • Show ‘em whose boss! Get well soon.

Inspirational get well messages

Who doesn’t love a little inspiration when they’re feeling down and out?

  • The sun—and you—will shine again.
  • You see that person in the mirror? They are strong, beautiful and loved.
  • Every passing day means one day closer to a healthier you.
  • You got this! And we got you. Sending all our love your way.
  • Circumstances might be difficult now, but if there’s anyone strong enough to handle them, it’s you.

Get well wishes after surgery

Cards for after surgery focus more on support for a quick recovery than ‘get well soon.’ Check out these ideas for get well wishes after surgery.

  • Wishing you a speedy recovery!
  • Sending warm wishes of healing as you recover from surgery.
  • Sending my love and support as you heal from surgery.
  • Our thoughts/prayers are with you as you begin your recovery.
  • Hope you’re back on your feet again soon.
  • Glad to hear you’re on the mend.

Get Well MessagesHow to write a get well card with Smilebox

Don’t be intimidated by finding the perfect thing to say. As long as you’re sensitive to the person’s condition, any kind words will touch their heart. Even more so when the words from you are totally original.

Once you’ve nailed down your message, Smilebox’s easy-to-use get well card maker will guide you through making a custom eCard for that special person from start to finish—no expert design skills required!

Get started!

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