Making homemade Christmas cards is the ultimate Yuletide activity! DIY Christmas cards are fun for kids to put together and can range from easy to complex. Some of the more popular Christmas card ideas can include funny or serious photos, creative greetings and text, a unique design, and a special layout. Best of all, they are basically free!

To help you design your own creative Christmas cards, we’ve scoured the Internet to bring you a selection of pictures and concepts, from funny to business-like. Let your kids have a look at them as a starting point and get them excited. And, to top it all off, we’ve described how to put your handmade cards into practice with our Christmas card maker.

If you want to jump ahead to a specific category selection, we invite you to look at the links below. You’re sure to find some creative Christmas card ideas to fit every taste:

  1. Best Christmas Card Ideas for Small Kids
  2. Funny Christmas Greeting Card Ideas
  3. Ideas for Christmas Cards with Photos
  4. Business Christmas Card Design Ideas
  5. Christmas Card Ideas from Smilebox

Best Christmas Card Ideas for Small Kids

Making Christmas cards for small kids means lots of enthusiasm, but maybe not so much skill. Therefore, we suggest designs that are creative but still easy to put together.

You can personalize the eCard with unique pictures taken on your phone, or photos from the Internet. Your designs can include making arts and crafts concoctions, or just adding unique wording for your Christmas greeting.

No matter which route you take, making Christmas cards for small kids is a fantastic and free holiday activity. It’s a wonderful way to spend part of the vacation, leaving you with a memento that will be cherished for years to come.

Christmas Tree CardDIY Christmas Card Idea

By Healthy Family and Me

Use a colored stock card, strips of colored paper (gummed paper is recommended) cut to various lengths, plus various stickers and embellishments.

Fingerprint Reindeer
Fingerprint Card IdeaBy Sitters

Use some brown water color paint and a few thumbs to make this really unique Christmas card, then finish it off with some pencil antlers and a holiday message.

Santa Hat Christmas Cards

Sparkly Hat Christmas Card Idea

By Mum In The Madhouse

Cut some red paper into a triangle and then use a glue stick to attach it to a blank card. Spread some more glue onto the triangle and sprinkle red glitter over it. Finish with cotton balls as the pompom and fur lining of the hat.

Button Snowman Card

Idea For Christmas CardBy Good Housekeeping

Combine a bit of felt tip marker magic, some construction paper shapes, a ribbon, and a few old buttons to make this fantastic snowman.

Funny Christmas Greeting Card Ideas

Funny Christmas card ideas will add to the joy of this festive season. Let Santa’s Ho-Ho-Ho be your creative guide as you choose the right photo, design, and creative text for your homemade humorous DIY card.

We suggest that you start making your unique card by checking out some of the pictures below. They might give you inspiration as to the direction your DIY card should take. You’ll see that the style of the following photos is easy to do with your own camera, making a unique and funny Christmas greeting that everyone will love.

Keep in mind that everybody has their own special sense of humor, so try to match your funny approach to your audience.

Interesting Angles

Xmas Lights Card Idea

By Lauren Pollard Photography

Avoid the tried and true by moving your camera lens to unexpected angles. As seen above, the result is quite eye-catching.

Silly Outfits

Funny Christmas Card IdeaBy Pleated Jeans

Not everybody has reindeer suits lying around, but we’re sure you can find a rough equivalent – ugly Christmas sweaters, for example.

Easy Effects

xmas card Idea

By Prep and Shine

Even if you don’t have Photoshop, many PC photo viewer programs will allow you to add some simple text boxes. Let your imagination be your guide.

Precious Pets

Cute Christmas Dogs Card

By Big DIY Ideas

Nobody said that Christmas is only for humans. Get some of your furry friends in on the act – if they’re willing to sit still for a few moments.

Ideas for Christmas Cards with Photos

Photos can make or break a Christmas card, but you can take charge and do it all for free by going DIY and making creative pictures on your own. Just make sure to get started on your Christmas card ideas before the season rush so that you can relax and make the designs that you want.

It’s easy to get creative because there are so many themes to include. Traditional photos related to the season are popular, as are pictures with a religious look. If you’re interested in something unique, take a funny photo (see above section) or a stylized picture of your loved ones. Homemade photos are super easy to customize with all of the design features available on your mobile phone camera.

Simply Romantic

Idea for Photo Christmas Card

By Matt Clayton Photography

It’s a great idea to spruce up a warm and cuddly photo with some Yuletide items, which combines love of the season with love of each other in one memorable picture.

Keeping it Real

Fun Christmas Card Photo Ideas

By Hative

Nobody parties for all twelve days. Show your downtime side with a photo which proves that, even during Christmas, you need the occasional break.

Clever Combinations

Ideas for Christmas Card

By Smilebox – Christmas Collage Maker

Putting multiple photos together is an easy but interesting way to add action to your images. With just two pictures and any graphics program, you can make memorable montages.

Focus on Tradition

Christmas Fireplace Card Idea

By Ireland’s Own

Who needs a professional picture when you can capture the perfect Christmas image by yourself? If you’ve done justice to your Yuletide living room, just take a careful photo and use that as the basis for a creative card.

Business Christmas Card Design Ideas

Business and pleasure actually do mix when it comes to Christmas card ideas. This is an opportunity to get extra creative and impress your colleagues. Instead of just giving out cards that are obviously not handmade, take a few minutes and compose a unique card that will get you noticed. Include a funny photo from someone on your team; refer to a business achievement made that year; or give praise to the receiver.

In fact, making free, unique Christmas cards means that you can design a whole bunch for your business colleagues. It takes only moments to assemble a meaningful picture and text for various individuals and groups that will prove to your co-workers that you appreciate them.

Team Spirit

Idea For Work Christmas Card

By The Gallery Collection

It’s a cinch to snap a team photo and paste it into a card. Besides being a simple and free design idea, it also serves as a snapshot of your firm to look back on in years to come.

Branding Bonus

Ideas for Christmas Cards

By Smilebox for Business

Even during the holidays, you can still build your brand when sending greeting cards. Including your logo on your Christmas card is a smart marketing move, especially when you match the colors to the season.

Joy to the World

Idea for an Ugly Christmas Card

By Pipedream Christmas Cards

Particularly if you work for an international business, a global perspective makes for a great Christmas photo and a worldwide message for Peace on Earth.

Call the Graphics Department

Christmas Card Idea for Anyone

By Sue Ward Design

It might not be actually free, but if you’ve got a graphic designer on staff, chances are that they have a great idea for your business Christmas card, making something that is truly unique and memorable.

Christmas Card Ideas from Smilebox

Our Christmas card ideas are easy to put into action. Smilebox’s Christmas card maker allows you to customize creative card designs, add photos of your choice, put in some heartfelt text, and send to family and friends. We help you each step of the way with numerous designs both for Christmas and for holidays year round, with every template easy to change to suit your personal taste. Check out our holiday card maker today and let us help you celebrate life’s special moments.