This year, many people are experiencing a sense of stress. The coming holidays can offer some joyful times with family and friends, however, this coming Thanksgiving will require a different approach this year to ensure that both you and your guests remain safe, happy, and healthy. If you’re struggling with the changes this year, this is the perfect season to take a moment to reflect and be grateful for the good things in your life.

While changing and adjusting holiday traditions can be difficult, here are some tips that will make your Thanksgiving celebration safe, healthy and memorable.

Ask Guests to Wear Masks

While some people may not find wearing a mask comfortable, it’s a proven way to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Ask guests to wear masks when they’re not eating or drinking.

Thankfully, there is currently no evidence that the virus spreads through the preparation of food, but consider wearing a mask and washing your hands frequently if you’re involved in preparing and serving food.

Host a Smaller Gathering

While throwing large feasts along with many family members and friends are what many people think of for Thanksgiving, a smaller gathering can be just as enjoyable. Sometimes, just a few friends or close family members can result in a holiday celebration that is both less stressful and more memorable. There is less food preparation needed, and fewer people to satisfy, all of which can take away some of that stress that comes with large events. Keep it a pleasant, simple celebration.

Host an Outdoor Celebration

Many people live in areas where Thanksgiving weather may be warm and dry. While this is not always predictable, have a plan in place to take advantage of good weather. Outdoor breezes and being in the open-air greatly reduce the possibility of spreading sickness and viruses.

Tips for a Safe Thanksgiving Celebration During COVID-19

Alternatives to Overnight Stays

Overnight stays can increase your chance of getting sick. If you are planning to stay overnight, or have others planning to stay at your home overnight, consider alternate arrangements such as a hotel or Airbnb. Many of these lodgings use comprehensive deep cleaning methods to ensure that their facilities are safe and sanitized.

If an overnight stay is required, try to use extra caution in the weeks leading up to your stay to avoid potential exposure to anyone who may be sick. If you are hosting overnight guests, ask them to use the same level of caution. If any guest begins to show symptoms of illness, isolate them, and arrange for a COVID test as soon as possible.

For additional guidance for a safe and happy holiday, check out the website of the Centers for Disease Control.

Keep the Celebration Fun!

While some extra caution is necessary for Thanksgiving celebrations in 2020, that does not mean the holiday cannot be fun! Here are a few ideas to make this year’s Thanksgiving Day special, memorable, and fun.

Thanksgiving Celebration During COVID-19

Watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

For many people, New York City’s Thanksgiving parade is a traditional part of their holiday, and in 2020, the parade is still going on! It will look a little different this year but will still feature the favorite giant balloons and musical performances. If you’re not a fan of the parade, Thanksgiving is the perfect time to queue some favorite holiday films on Netflix (or your streaming service of choice).

Decorate for the Season

The long Thanksgiving weekend is the perfect time to unpack decorations and begin decking the halls for the holiday season. Whether you’re creating handmade ornaments to give as gifts, or decorating the interior and exterior of your home, Thanksgiving weekend is the perfect time to get started. Some might think it’s a bit early for Christmas decorating, but in 2020, we think there’s no such thing as too early! You could even start planning your holiday parties, and get Christmas invitations sent out using an online invitation maker for extra convenience.

Host a Virtual Party

There’s no doubt about it, 2020 has made travel difficult. You might have friends and family that do not have the option of travelling. Consider setting up a virtual party just for them. It’s the perfect way to let them know you are thinking of them during the holidays. If a virtual Thanksgiving party sounds like the perfect celebration for you, then you’ll need to get your Thanksgiving invitations sent out soon!

Tips for a Safe Thanksgiving Celebration - COVID-19

Whatever this holiday season brings, you can still enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving making memories with friends and family. A small gathering, some good things to eat and drink, and a few moments to be grateful for the good things in life will make this Thanksgiving the beginning of a holiday season to remember.