Christmas card timing etiquette

  • Send your Christmas card 2-3 weeks before Christmas Day, in the first full week of December.
  • If you’re sending your card abroad play it safe and take some extra time. 4-6 weeks before Christmas Day should be enough.
  • If you’re sending out business holiday cards – any time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s will do.

Christmas card address etiquette

  • Hand-address your envelopes! It’s the classy thing to do, ads a personal touch and shows your really care.
  • When addressing the card to a married couple the man’s name will appear first.
  • If the couple is unmarried – it is considered the proper thing to put their names one over the other separately, in alphabetical order.
Essential Etiquette Tips to Read Before Sending Christmas Cards

Sending a Christmas card to the bereaved

  • In the past the rules deemed it insensitive to send Christmas cards to a family within one year of them losing a loved one. This is still applicable in some cases, know your crowd.
  • In general, today it is appropriate to send a card but a blank card or one with very few decorations is used, and the wording should be sensitive and considerate – acknowledging the family’s grief, but still wishing them happy holidays.

Hanukah card etiquette

  • It is important not to pick out a card with obvious Christian or Christmas imagery. If you can’t find a Hanukah-themed card, use something generic.
  • In the same manner, if you’re not too sure about the rules – just go with Happy Holidays. This is a perfectly proper greeting for Hanukah.
Christmas Card Etiquette for 2020

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