The spread of the Coronavirus has been a trying time for many people, and the need for social distancing has left people feeling like their lives are falling apart. From planned vacations to large social events, everything is being pushed aside in order to keep the virus under control. For college students set to graduate, this especially sucks.                                            

After all that hard work, you will absolutely want to celebrate your achievements. And why shouldn’t you? Graduation is a big deal! There are plenty of celebration options available that can be fun without the risk of infecting yourself or others with COVID19. Here are some ideas:

1 – Graduation annihilation! The world of online gaming opens up a ton of possibilities for social interaction, and one of the most popular is Fortnite. So, why not grab your friends, form a team and celebrate by spending the night massacring the competition together?

Top Ways to Celebrate Your Graduation in a Social Distancing Era

2 – Rampant digital violence has never felt so responsible, but there are tamer options out there for the otherwise inclined:

Celebrate Your Graduation in a Social Distancing Era

3 – Minecraft, for example! The great thing about sandbox games is they can be anything you want.

Celebrate Your Graduation at Home

4 – So, get some friends together and have a team build, create some games, or simply hang out!

5 – For a lot of people, a big part of any graduation party is getting all dressed up. Well, that can also be accommodated. First things first, you don’t need the robes! So order some cool new clothes online!

6 – Then let’s put together a look, preferably something classy! Just because you’re exercising social distancing doesn’t mean you have to miss out on showing off your outfit, and getting feedback from your friends.

7 – Also wouldn’t hurt to make them jealous of how you’ve been keeping in shape.

8 – From webcams to FaceTime, all you need to do is grab your clothes, gather your makeup, and try out a few things on over video chat together?

Celebrate Graduation at Home

9 – One thing you could try is a Smilebox LIVE party! Our conference app is perfect for group interactions of all kinds. And they’re not alone! Social Distancing is a great chance for you to get acquainted with other online tools.        

10 – You could utilize the video chat feature on the popular chat app – Discord! After all- invite-only servers prevent party crashers, right? Plus, if you’re gaming, you can link the two together! Sinergy is awesome. But what if you want to go viral (Pun intended)?

11 – You could create your own hashtag!!!

How to Celebrate Your Graduation When Stuck at Home - Smilebox

12 – Snap a photo of you in your graduation party gear, write some thoughts about your time in college, then unleash your content onto social media with your own version of #COVID19Grad2020, all for you and your friends. Who knows – maybe you’ll start trending!

13 – If you want to have even more fun, why not take advantage of social media’s latest trend, and take the party to TikTok?

How to Celebrate Your Graduation When Stuck at Home Due To Coronavirus

14 – Using the popular video-sharing app, you could cut loose with family members or those staying with you. Or you could even team up for a TikTok Duet to recreate your favourite college memories, or battle it out for funniest video!

15 – If you’d rather have something more casual to do, then maybe it’s time to Netflix and Graduate!

How to Celebrate Your Graduation When Stuck at Home

16 – The first thing you’ll want to do is grab your favourite snacks. If your local takeaway services are still delivering – contact them. They need the business.

17 – What are you going to watch? Maybe you could binge a series, or grab something scary for some thrills! Maybe stay on theme with shows that have to do with college graduation…?

18 – Then, simply install the NetflixParty extension to Chrome. This will help synch up all your streams as a group and even provide a chat bar for you!

19 – So, whether you’re dressed up or casual, you’ll be able to share the same experiences together!

20 –  So, don’t let social distancing get you down. You and your friend can still celebrate your graduation from the safety of your home!