This April Fools’ we are all going to be stuck at home courtesy of COVID19. But being responsible and practising social distancing doesn’t mean you can’t prank your friends from the safety of your own home. And what better way to prank them than with Smilebox products? Here are 3 great ideas:

1. Dude, Your Ex Is Getting Married

Got a friend who’s having a hard time getting over an ex? Perfect. Imagine sending them an invitation to his/her wedding – WITH SOMEONE ELSE!!! They will die inside a little bit, and it will be hilarious. Create a fake invitation and send it to your broken-hearted friend using one of our wedding invitation templates.

2. Dude, Someone’s Throwing a Party and You’re Not Invited!

No feeling is worse than being left out of a party… So why not prank a friend into feeling just that! Choose from our party invitation templates, customize and send it to your victim asking them if they are going. They will obviously have no idea what you are talking about – realize they were not invited and feel terrible. Yay!

3. Dude, Someone’s Selling Your House

What to seriously creep someone out? Pick a victim and send them a real estate listing you’ve supposedly stumbled upon online that features their very own house! Want to really go the extra mile? If it’s a couple you’re pranking, choose one of them and put their contact info on the flyer. Sowing marital discord is always a hoot.

Ways to Prank Your Friends From Home

Okay, we admit that these are kind of mean, but it’s all about having a good laugh with your friends. There are plenty of terrible things you can do to people this April Fools’ Day without leaving home. So, check out our templates and see what online prank you can come up with!