If the corona outbreak has you stuck at home and you’re wondering what next, don’t worry. You are in the right place. We understand the importance of social distancing, but also love to help you keep yourself grounded (and probably remain sane) throughout the outbreak.

Many of these activities can be done with your family at home and will keep you busy during the quarantine period. Of course, ‘Netflix and chill’ is an option but you’ll be burned out before you know. There’s so much stuff to explore with your family and the following activities are just the tip of the iceberg.

Productive Things to Do at Home During the Coronavirus Crisis

We know you’re used to being resourceful, so don’t let the quarantine slow you down. There is quite a lump sum of activities at hand.

Do a Craft Project

Well, have you ever wondered what your hobbies might be? Maybe you don’t have enough time to explore this part of you, and we totally understand. At the moment, you have sufficient bandwidth to do this. Visit your favorite online arts and crafts store, order any item you desire and get ready for some Picasso fun!

Productive Things to Do at Home During the Coronavirus Crisis

You can paint portraits, knit something for your long-lost friend, do DIY projects with paper clips or unused cardboards,… the list is endless. Don’t worry if you feel nervous, you can always find inspiration from a guru who’s extremely passionate. We’re pretty sure they’ll give you a tip or two.

Start an Indoor Garden

Did you know you can convert your backyard into a mini-grocery? All you need is basic farming tools and a few seeds! Just head over to the grocery store and find veggies and spices that are suitable for your home. Ask for home delivery services if the store is closed- it works! For those of us without adequate space, you can get creative and be the plant moms in your home.

Things to Make When Stuck at Home

Tired of all the news breaks in your PC or smartphone? You can actually make a difference and distance yourself a bit from everything that’s happening outside. It clears the mind.

Create and Send Corona Greeting Cards

In these trying times, we all need someone to assure us that everything is going to be okay. And that someone could be you. Take this time to show love and affection by creating beautiful Coronavirus greeting cards.

They’ll cheer up anyone who’s panicking or otherwise having a hard time going through the coronavirus outbreak. Show them that you care!

Things to Make When Stuck at Home

Sort Your Photos and Create a Slideshow

There’s a way you can create a nice ‘home-made movie’ for tonight! Yes, just gather all the photos of you and your family and create an interesting slideshow. Photos take us through a journey in time, unlocking memories and igniting intense feelings. This is the time to revive those good memories and remind yourself who you are.

Create a slideshow with Smilebox today!

Fun Thing to Do With Your Kids When You’re Stuck Inside

Fun Thing to Do With Your Kids When You’re Stuck Inside

Ah, kids- our future Indiana Jones or Picasso. They are probably the most creative and attention-seeking creatures during such times. They can really never just sit there and wait! So what do you do? Relax. Give them some fun activities that’ll rush their adrenaline straight to the roof.

Create an In-House Gymnasium

Speaking of adrenaline, a gymnasium will come in handy! Most gymnasium classes have been closed and that shouldn’t stop you from keeping your kids fit back at home. You won’t need any special equipment for this either- just use what you have.

Use your couch pillows as landing places for simple cartwheel exercises. You can also join two couches facing each other and create a mini playground. Just remember to keep a close eye- they can get too creative!

You can also place pieces of red (or any color) cloth and pretend to be ‘hot lava’. Kids are afraid of hot lava! Have them jump the ‘lava’ in order to get a reward. Place cushions around the ‘hot lava’ as a safe landing point.

Do Puzzles and Games

We are sure you’ve got a couple of kids games shelved up somewhere. This is the time to bring them all out and have a major fun day. Kids love games and you can never go wrong with that. Look for fun games that are extremely stimulating and would create a fun environment rather than a competitive one (we’re avoiding small fights here).

Create Quizzes

Even though schools are closed, you should encourage learning in an intriguing way. To do this, come up with simple educational activities and add rewards to make them interesting. Kids are always curious so including questions like, “What do you think will happen next?” adds the icing on the cake.

How to Create at Home With Smilebox

As mentioned earlier, slideshows and cards act as a sign of affection to your friends and loved ones. You can come up with simple cards with Smilebox templates in just a few minutes.

To make a coronavirus greeting card, pick a template, select a photo, and personalize the card according to whom you’re sending it to. You can then send it to friends online via text or social media. Luckily, you can make as many cards as you want! For slideshows, the process is the same as above- choose a template, customize and hit send! Remember, we have tons of well wishes cards on our site. From sympathy cards to invitations, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

We have also published an article about how to celebrate your birthday during a lockdown, have a read if you’re looking for ideas.