Best graduation songs for your slideshow

We scoured the musical universe, and narrowed down the best 50 graduation-themed songs out there. Our list includes a range of styles, emotions, and themes so that you can pick the right beats according to your preferences, slideshow motif, and related images. Haven’t heard some of them? Take a listen and maybe add some new favorites to your personal playlist.

Must-have graduation slideshow songs

No graduation slideshow or event would be complete without these dedicated favorites. Were all these artists just begging to be part of this list? By creating songs about school years and graduation, the following musicians have cemented their place in graduation events around the world.

  1. Third Eye Blind – Graduate
  2. Chris Isaak – Graduation Day
  3. Vitamin C – Graduation (Friends Forever)
  4. Blink 182 – Going Away To College
  5. Alice Cooper – School’s Out
  6. Handsome Ghost – Graduate
  7. The Wonder Years – My Last Semester
  8. Beach Boys – Graduation Day

Graduation Slideshow Songs

Old-time graduation slideshow song classics

Don’t be embarrassed if your parents danced to these exact same tunes at their graduation. Chances are that your friends are in the same situation. All these songs have passed the test of time and might even be played when you are too old to take to the dance floor yourself.

    1. Queen –  We Are The Champions
    2. Europe –  The Final Countdown
    3. Boston – Don’t Look Back
    4. Survivor –  Eye of the Tiger
    5. The Verve – Bittersweet Symphony
    6. The Who –  Baba O’Riley (Teenage Wasteland)
    7. Tom Cochrane – Life Is A Highway
    8. Journey – Don’t Stop Believin’
    9. The Beatles – With a Little Help From My Friends

Graduation Songs for Slideshows

Sentimental graduation slideshow song favorites

Call us corny, but these tried and true slow numbers are a sure bet for serious sentimentality. Even Gen Z kids know some of these songs, so they are certain to move millennials as well, and will work wonders on the older generation.

  1. Bill Withers – Lean on Me
  2. Cyndi Lauper – Time After Time
  3. The Beatles – In My Life
  4. Simple Minds – Don’t You Forget About Me
  5. Alphaville – Forever Young
  6. James Taylor – Fire and Rain
  7. Green Day – Good Riddance
  8. The Rembrandts – I’ll Be There For You

Turn these graduation slideshow songs up a notch

Fast beats deserve some extra volume, and speakers will be going up to ten for these coming of age-themed hits.

  1. Foo Fighters – Times Like These
  2. American Authors – Best Day Of My Life
  3. Avril Lavigne – Here’s To Never Growing Up
  4. Flo Rida – Good Feeling
  5. LCD Soundsystem – All My Friends
  6. Matchbox 20 – How Far We’ve Come
  7. Natasha Bedingfield – Unwritten
  8. Fueled By Ramen Feat. Janelle Monáe – We Are Young

Up close and personal graduation slideshow songs

Slow music is a suitable way to recognize the bittersweet-ness of the day. If you happen to be using your graduation slideshow at a party, this is the time for intimate dancing and a few tears.

  1. Bruno Mars – Today My Life Begins
  2. Boyz II Men – End Of The Road
  3. Spice Girls – Goodbye
  4. Kelly Clarkson – A Moment Like This
  5. Kelly – I Believe I Can Fly
  6. Miley Cyrus -The Climb

Graduation Slideshow Songs

Graduation slideshow songs to celebrate

The remainder of our list is dedicated to songs that celebrate life’s challenges, sweet memories, and promise of an exciting future.

  1. One Direction – History
  2. Lady Gaga – The Edge of Glory
  3. Coldplay – Adventure of a Lifetime
  4. Taylor Swift – A Place in This World
  5. Rusted Root – Send Me on My Way
  6. Jordin Sparks – One Step at a Time
  7. Black Eyed Peas – I Gotta Feeling
  8. Nickelback – Photograph
  9. My Chemical Romance – Sing
  10. Wiz Khalifa feat. Charlie Puth – See You Again
  11. Nas – I Can

Choosing the perfect song medley to capture your graduation memories

Some songs conjure up emotional memories, and graduation tunes are no different. Many of us remember specific melodies that were played at just the right moment during a graduation ceremony, prom, or post-graduation celebration. Whenever we hear these songs, all those mixed feelings of moving on come flooding back. But for graduates today, it’s easier than ever to hold onto and relive those memories with vivid, powerful graduation slideshows.

Of course, if you are limited by time, then one graduation slideshow song will have to do. In this case, we suggest choosing one of the “Must-Have Graduation Slideshow Songs” from the list above. However, you’ve probably got tons of school-era photos that you’re dying to preserve for future years, and they are bound to involve a wide range of feelings.

That’s why a perfect graduation slideshow should have several songs. Graduation is a time of excitement, nostalgia, goodbyes, and anticipation. We’ve put together a list that we hope covers all these emotions and more. Whether it’s a funky new beat or something even your grandma might remember, these songs are the who’s who of graduation slideshows and parties for thousands of students every year.

Put all your favourite tunes together in a graduation slideshow

If you are hosting a graduation party, or simply want to create a fantastic digital keepsake, a graduation slideshow is the ultimate format. Videos might be too complicated to make, and you sure can’t capture years of memories in one photo. Graduation slideshows are easy to create and provide tons of options for templates, customization, images, and (of course) music.

The graduation slideshow maker from Smilebox is an awesome tool for turning all your graduation images and tunes into one masterpiece. Simply visit the graduation slideshow maker page at Smilebox. It’s super simple to use:

  1. Pick a template
  2. Add photos and customize text and colors
  3. Choose the “Multiple Tracks” option on the playlist menu and upload your tunes
  4. Preview and share!

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