Valentine’s Day is all about love—so to get you in the mood, we came up with a list of truly unique ways to show your loving feelings this February. Fortunately, with the right DIY card, expressing your emotions doesn’t have to be a big project. And if you’re stuck finding the right words, we’ve got you covered with our Valentine’s Day card messages guide. Pick any of the creative ideas below to say Happy V-Day, and you’re on your way to making that perfect card.

Handmade Valentine’s Day Card Ideas

Legend has it that St. Valentine himself is known for writing the first “Your Valentine” card as a token of his affection (just before he was martyred on February 14th, 269 AD); so turning out a DIY Valentine’s Day card is actually as close to being traditional as you can get. There are a virtually endless number of ways for creating a handmade Valentine’s Day card, but we’ve narrowed down a few categories to make your deliberation a bit easier.


Create a layered effect by pasting small cards on big cards, cut-out images on paper, or even by pasting items such as ribbons on a piece of cardboard. With enough layers (or cut-outs that are raised or are thick enough), you’ll get a cool 3D effect.

Valentine Card IdeasBy Stamp Simply

As a Fancy Facade

Express yourself with a few words and select images as part of a larger gift. For example, hand print your Valentine’s Day wishes on a cardboard box, embellish it with some cut-out hearts, and fill the box with tokens of your affection.

Valentine Card Ideas

By Zoey’s Attic

Do the Minimalist Thing

Write, draw, or paste your message onto a small object like a matchbox (as in, “you light up my life”), miniature folded card (like passing love notes in class), or even a cookie (as a symbol of sweetness).

DIY Valentine Card Ideas

By the Penny Black Blog

One Card Isn’t Enough

If you just have too much to say, then there’s no reason to limit yourself! Buy an off-the-shelf photo album, fill it with printed pictures and Valentine’s Day messages, and wrap it up in a heart-themed enclosure.

DIY Valentine Card Ideas By Cut Out and Keep

Valentine’s Day Card Ideas for Kids

Put all of that arts and crafts training to good use! A little bit of paper, glue, thread, and creativity are generally all that you’ll need to get your kids making little Valentine’s Day gems for their puppy love crushes.

Filled with Fancy

From little vanilla extract bottles to these handmade, hand-sewn paper pillows, it’s easy to fill a funny object with Valentine’s Day stuff like little hearts, candy, or love notes.

DIY Valentine Card Ideas

By Made Every Day

Lovely Labels

Festoon some Valentine’s Day sweets with an easily-made label. This is a particularly good idea in case your little one wants some mass distribution – it takes only a minute or so to cut and attach each label.

Handmade Valentine Card Ideas

By Zakka Life

A Refreshing Idea

Red soda pop (or Kool Aid, in this case) makes the ideal Valentine’s Day beverage! Attach a cute and creative label, and serve chilled.

Handmade Valentine Card Ideas

By Passion for Savings

The Smartphone Approach

Get your youngster to pose for a few images and upload them to your PC, then add some text, print on decent quality stock, and voila, you’ve got a unique Valentine’s Day card that can be embellished in some very interesting ways.

Handmade Valentine Card Ideas By Eighteen25

Valentine’s Day Card Ideas for School

It’s tough to focus on studies when it’s Valentine’s Day! Following are a few unobtrusive ways to celebrate the occasion if February 14th happens to also be a school day. Just make sure that the teacher doesn’t see…

It’s in the Bag

Any type of bag will do for stuffing with goodies and a Valentine’s Day message, and sending off to school for sharing with best friends.

Valentine Card Ideas

By I Heart Nap Time

Can’t Measure Love

Here’s a gift that might actually be practical! Make the ultimate classroom Valentine’s Day craft with some printed paper slips, a ruler, and a snappy Valentine’s Day quip. For added effect, you can stick on a heart or two.

Handmade Valentine’s Day Card Ideas

By Relocated Living

Not Exactly a Card

Thumb drives and CDs are really inexpensive nowadays, to the point where you can give one or two away as part of a Valentine’s Day gift. All you need to do is download some of your – or your pal’s – favorite music files to your medium of choice and wrap it up with a thoughtful Valentine’s Day message (even a piece of paper will do).

Handmade Valentine’s Day Card Ideas

By Design Mom

Valentine’s Day Word Play

Corny word plays are the most suitable for Father’s Day (i.e. dad jokes), but we’ll make an exception in this case – especially since it’s a healthy choice that’s perfect for the classroom. Wrap up an orange with a pipe cleaner threaded with this groan-worthy Valentine’s Day message.

Valentine’s Day Card Ideas for Kids

By Bless This Mess

Valentine Card Ideas Made Simple

Short on time, or artistic talent? Smilebox takes care of the hard part with our Valentine’s Day eCard maker. We offer a wide selection of customizable designs and themes, and one of them is sure to hit the target – like Cupid’s arrow. With just a few clicks, you can adjust the template of your choice to your liking, type in some words of affection, and send it to your loved one.

Valentine’s Day Card Ideas for Kids

By Smilebox

In case you are looking for a bit more room for your expression, check out our Valentine’s Day slideshow maker, featuring the same ease of use as our card maker. This Valentine’s Day, and for all your other favorite holidays and occasions, let Smilebox add form to your feelings.