The best part of graduating is the party that comes after. This is the time that everyone can let down their hair and internalize the fact that they had just graduated! No matter where your party is taking place, your backyard, the school gym or the park there are so many amazing ideas that you can incorporate to make it extra special and personal.

Party Invitation

Of course the most important part of a party is the invitation. As I have said before in my party planning survival tips video the invitation sets the mood for the party and of course lets everyone know the party details. It is important to pick the right invitation, so here are some great ones to get your party started.





Photo booth

No need to get too fancy when you set up your graduation photo booth. All you need is a few funny props and a graduation cap. A nice touch would be to put up a big sign with the year of graduation. Put someone in charge of taking pictures of everyone as they come into the party. People will want to take a lot more pictures with their friends as the party goes on. Then you can either print the pictures or e-mail them to everyone.

party graduation photo booth photo-booth-accessories

Party favors

Everyone likes to leave a party with something. That’s why sending everyone off with a book that is meaningful to this point in their life like Dr. sues “oh the places you’ll go”, or a little photo book with highlights from the last year would be something that will help people remember the party and past years spent together.

A photo collage

Buy a large Bristol board and place a few pictures of the graduating class or of the graduating person. Decorate the edges and place on an easel. Have everyone sign the outer edges or write a comment.

Best memories jar

Have everyone fill out little slips of paper with their favorite memories of the past years at school. Opening up this jar at the end of the party and in 10 years will be a special treat.


Graduation rings

Not everyone gets a real graduation ring but a nice spread of candy pop rings would be a very original idea to add to the dessert table.

Projected slideshow – Home made movie

Borrow a projector from your friends and project a slide show that everyone can enjoy. You can take it one step further and make a homemade graduation movie. You can interview friends and family about their experiences.

Here is a great slide show that you can use at your party:

Graduation is always an exciting time for everyone involved. What are you special party ideas?