Graduation can be one of the most beautiful and special time of your life.  This day is emotional for the graduating boy or girl but probably even more for the parents, grandparents and other family member’s.  Watching your little boy or girl finish university and move on to the next stage of their life is extraordinary.

During this special and exciting time of everyone’s lives you want to give your graduating super star a gift they will never forget. Something they will remember for many years to come and will have great meaning every time they look at it.

Here is a list of some gifts that your graduate will never forget:

A meaningful piece of jewelry

A graduation necklace or bracelet can have great meaning, especially if it is engraved with a message.  I still wear to this day, the heart necklace my grandmother gave me when I graduated university. It inspires me every time I wear it and brings back warm memories of our time together.


‘Reach for the stars’

This might seem like a kids book but ‘Reach for the stars’ by Serge Bloch, packs a punch. I got this book as my graduation gift from high school and I still have it and now I read it to my kids. This book is inspirational for any age and will be something your graduate will keep forever and read over and over again.

Collage survival kit!

When you give an 18-year-old money for college supplies they will most likely come home with a pack of gum and spend the rest on things that they wont really need. This is why a college survival kit which includes a few staple items like laundry detergent, Tylenol etc.…will be the best gift a college bound kid could get.  This might not seem exciting when they first get it but trust me when they are in a bind they will call to thank you!

Open when….letters

This is such a cute idea that would mean so much to the person receiving them.  If your loved one is going away to collage they probably seem really excited to embark on this new journey.  But I bet they are also a little scared and anxious especially if its their first time away from home. Writing these Open When….letters are such a sweet way to be there for them whenever they need you, even though you might not be physically next to them.

Graduation scrapbook

Send out e-mails to all the friends and family requesting pictures of the graduate. A collection of pictures of them doing different things with different people that represent their last few years at school. A trip to the dollar store for supplies will help make a beautiful scrap book full of wonderful memories. You can even get different people to write short notes about the pictures. This would be an amazing gift that will last a lifetime.

A slideshow

A graduation slideshow can be just as amazing as a scrapbook and will go over better with the tech savvy graduate. The great thing about a slideshow is that you can easily add pictures and comments and the best part is that you can share it with the proud members of the family.

Check out this slideshow that you can easily use: