Have you ever prepared that perfect Christmas greeting and then realized you’ve made a typo? As a child, I had trouble spelling my own name — let alone the names of other people — and one year, I accidentally addressed my Santa letter to “Satan.” Oops! Check out these outrageous Christmas greeting typos. And beware — if you aren’t more careful, they might happen to you! However, you can use Smilebox for free to avoid this.

Bark the Herald Angels Sing

Bark-the-Herald Angels-Sing

If there’s one thing I could spend hours scrolling through on the internet, it’s photos of adorably festive pets. I’m not currently a pet owner — and if I were, I’d probably be too lazy to dress up my fur baby for every holiday. But seeing puppies decked out in miniature elf hats or reindeer antlers makes my heart leap. Last year, I received a Christmas card from a childhood friend who clearly had dogs on her mind. Her greeting read “Bark the Herald Angels Sing.” Turns out, her daughter was getting a puppy for Christmas!

Have Yourself a Married Christmas

Have-Yourself-a Married-Christmas

My husband and I got married a few weeks before Christmas in a small ceremony. We didn’t send out announcements but my mom still wanted to let her loved ones know about our nuptials. She ordered wedding announcements for us and put one inside each Christmas card she sent out that year, accidentally writing “Have yourself a married Christmas” as she gazed at our wedding photos.

Up to Snow Good

I love taking family Christmas card photos outside against a snowy backdrop. We take proper, smiling photos before devolving into snowball fights and laughter, and afterwards, I tell the story of our Christmas escapades with Christmas collages. We may be up to no good, but somehow “Up to Snow Good” made it onto my Christmas card draft, although I caught it before sending it to print.

Have Yours Elf a Merry Christmas!

Have-Yours-Elf-a -Merry- Christmas

Last year for our Christmas card photo, my husband and I posed in Santa hats while cradling our baby son between us. We dressed him as the perfect little elf, complete with tiny, pointy shoes, a pointy hat, red stockings, and a belted green tunic. What better pose for our family Christmas photo than to show off our sweet little elf? It turns out that the elf theme was more serendipitous than we realized after sending out cards that read “Have Yours Elf a Merry Christmas!”

Santa Claws

Years ago, my husband and I used to pop adorable tiny hats on our cat’s head. She never seemed to mind, but getting her to stay still for a photo was another matter entirely. My favorite was the cat-sized Santa hat. Once I accidentally wrote “Santa Claws” into a Christmas greeting instead of “Santa Claus,” which now evokes memories of our naughty cat getting her claws into the Christmas tree.

Winederful Christmas

Winederful- Christmas

Putting on my cozy pajamas, watching Christmas movies, and sipping a mug of mulled wine is one of my favorite holiday-season pastimes. I used to do this with my friends in our college dorm as we haphazardly threw fruits into our stovetop pot of cheap wine. Now, I love to make spiced wine in a slow-cooker and then enjoy it with my husband while we relax and enjoy each other’s company on chilly nights. A bottle of wine is a popular gift to give around the holiday season. But be careful — you might end up wishing someone a “winederful Christmas” if you’ve had a glass too much!

Hoppy Holiday!

When we lived abroad, my husband and I occasionally tried our hand at brewing beer in our kitchen. We struggled to keep the temperature stable during the colder months, but one thing always seemed to make our beers delicious: hops. With hops occupying our thoughts around the holidays, we wished some friends a “hoppy holiday!” Luckily, they thought it was just because of our accent!

And what’s the funniest Christmas greeting typo you’ve ever made?

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