Having the kids at home for an extended period of time is never a good idea…especially in winter when it is freezing outside and snow covers the ground.

I have two boys who have so much energy that we have considered connecting them to some kind of machine that will produce electricity for our home (just kidding…sort of).

Having these two boys trapped at home during Christmas break is definitely NOT fun, as they will most likely destroy the house and everything in it. Their favorite pass time activity is usually running around in circles chasing each other until something falls or someone cries or both. So as Christmas break gets closer I know I need some kind of plan to get these kids out of the house.

Every year I put together a list of activities for us to do, so when the time comes, I am prepared and know where to go.

Here are some great ideas for you to try this Christmas vacation with the whole family or just with the kids.

1.     Ski lessons-

getting my boys to do physical activity is a must and usually results in them sleeping well at night! Many people think that skiing is an expensive and extravagant sport but it really doesn’t have to be. Do a little research and you will most likely find a small local ski slope that is inexpensive and perfect for your little ones to learn how to ski.

2.     Museums-

Museums are a perfect indoor place for those cold winter days! Most museums have children’s programs set up on different days you just need to check their schedules! *Bonus: most museums have at least one day a week that they do not charge an entrance fee!

3.     Science center-

If your city has a science center then you are in luck! Every year we buy a season pass to this magical place. I believe it is the answer to all parents’ problems. The amount of activities the science center has for children will blow your mind and you will be able to spend hours indoors with your children fully entertained!

4.     Ice skating-

Ice-skating is a staple in winter activities and will get those kids moving! Many arenas have free skate times and some outdoor rinks also host skating parties on weekends.

5.     Go to the theater-

Kids love stories and winter is a perfect time to introduce your little ones to some good old kids theater. Check out your local theater to see when they are putting on a musical or a show your kids will like.

6.     Have a snow day-

Throw on those snowsuits and get outside and play! I like to go to the dollar store and buy some small shovels for my kids. They get very excited to have snow ball fights, build snow forts and of course snow man!

7.     Have an indoor winter party-

There are times when the weather is just too cold to go anywhere and all you want to do is snuggle on the couch. Our winter parties usually consist of making homemade cupcakes and hot chocolate. After we stuff our faces we usually watch a movie together on the couch.

Just because the weather is cold and gloomy doesn’t mean there is nothing to do. I find that having a list of activities is always helpful as it helps me prepare and if needed change things up based on the kids mood.