Usually, I try to make my guests feel welcome in my home — offering them drinks, inviting them to take snacks from the fridge, and lending them a pair of slippers. But, during my annual Halloween party, I do everything I can to make them feel just the opposite! The doorbell screams instead of rings, headless mannequins lurk behind corners, and “blood” punch is the beverage of the night.

My efforts to frighten my guests start well before the party itself. A terrifying invitation gets them in the Halloween mood, and ensures that they RSVP on time! Here are my 10 favorite extra creepy Halloween invitations -each one completely customizable:

1. Scary Night

Spots of blood, a dilated pupil, and a ghost’s howl make way to a dark and forlorn forest of gnarled trees. The shaky camera work reminds me of The Blair Witch Project — making me feel just as freaked out as I felt when I first watched it with my high school friends.

Ideas for Spooky Halloween Invitations2. Halloween Woods

Can’t stomach Halloween’s ghoulish side? Or maybe you’re trying not to scare off all of your friends’ kids. As a mom to a little boy, I totally understand! This Halloween invitation is cute, with a catchy tune, pirate-hatted pumpkins, a sparkling shooting star, and several happy bats.

Ideas for Creepy Halloween Invitation3. Halloween Spirits

Captivate your guests with this dazzling invitation. As in a silent film, an old Hollywood tune plays before the word, “Eek” flashes on screen, followed by a burst of bats. You’ve built the suspense, and your guests will be excited to see what scary things await them at your Halloween bash.

Ideas for Halloween Invitations4. Dancing Skeletons

My son’s favorite pair of pajamas is covered in a head-to-toe skeleton, and even comes with a skull mask! He fell in love with this Halloween invitation because it features five very joyous skeletons getting their moves on. If you’re planning a Halloween dance party, this is the invitation for you. After watching it a few dozen times, my son put on his pajamas and danced ‘til he dropped.

Ideas for Halloween Invitation5. Halloween Silhouette

With a haunted house, a somber owl, flying bats, jack-o-lanterns, leafless trees, and a disappearing ghost, this is the quintessential Halloween invitation. My friend used it for her annual Halloween dessert party, and just like the event, it was classic and classy!

Halloween Invitations Idea 6. Gone Batty

Calling all bat lovers! In this wacky invitation, bats drop from the orange sky with a boing, shimmy with a squeak, and turn in dizzying circles. The beat is strong and the solo squeal is frightening. I recommend this invitation to anyone who loves indulging in Halloween’s quirkier side.

Halloween Invitation Ideas 7. If You Dare

The words “Be There If You Dare!” flash on the screen, followed by a bolt of lightening and the party’s details. This invitation is simple, to-the-point, and will jolt your guests to action. Attend…or else.

 Creepy Halloween Invitation Ideas 8. Frightfully Fun

Each year, my son and I join a group of parents and their kids for trick-or-treating. We meet at one person’s home, and tackle the neighborhood–or at least the block! Our friend found the perfect Halloween invitation to set the mood — images of slanted houses and a black cat, followed by a picture of all of the kids in their costumes from last year. It made my son and I so excited that we broke out the candy corn for a pre-Halloween treat.

Creepy Halloween Invitation Ideas | Smilebox9. Eek Boo

This fast-paced Halloween invitation, complete with flying bats, falling spiders, and twisted trees can be personalized to include a photo of your choice. The photo drops into the scene as the music crescendoes, delighting your guests! My sister used this invitation last year, and included a photo of her baby daughter, dressed as a pumpkin, tapering the tense tune with a whole lot of cuteness.

10 Creative & Creepy Halloween Invitation Ideas 10. Midnight Thrill

Horror movies’ special effects never get old! In this Halloween invitation, there’s the whoosh of the wind, gong of the drum, evil cackle, and blood curdling screams. The date of your party ominously flashes, and your friends mark their calendars, ready for a night of terror. I used this invitation last year, and everyone RSVPed within a day. They were too scared not to!

10 Creative & Creepy Halloween Invitation Ideas | SmileboxWhichever invitation you choose — spooky, quirky, or cute — you can’t go wrong. Wishing everyone a happy and haunting Halloween!