Whenever I ask my husband what sort of gift he wants for Valentine’s Day, he never has an answer. And, the truth is, I can’t blame him. He literally has everything he wants, and whenever he needs something, he just orders it with a click of a button.

But that doesn’t make my job any easier.  Giving my loved one a thoughtful gift that he’ll appreciate and enjoy is an essential part of Valentine’s Day. So, what’s a wife to do?

Instead of buying him a gift that he may not value, I focus on creating a gift that I can ensure is made with love. And, instead of focusing on what he might not have, I give him what I know he’ll absolutely cherish.

First, I make a list of the things that my husband loves most in life: spending time with family and friends, enjoying a good beverage, reading, traveling the world, and drinking coffee. Then, I get to work, creating DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts for the man in my life who may have everything he needs, but could always use more of everything he loves:


A Whiskey-Based Cocktail

My husband loves to sip single-malt whiskey. I decided to become a bit of mixologist and create a special concoction just for him — adding a few of his favorite ingredients to his favorite drink. First, I went down the spice route because he lives for spices, and added cinnamon, cream, and sugar to a glass of whiskey. Sweet and delicious! I put that to the side, and then created a whiskey and coffee cocktail with milk, pumpkin puree, maple syrup, whipped cream, caramel sauce, and of course, whiskey and coffee. It was so delectable, I needed to remind myself to save some for him!

Personalized Photo Books

Last year, my husband’s entire family met in Texas to celebrate Thanksgiving. It was an amazing celebration, with four generations of family members in one room, a new destination to a explore, and so much love and laughter. We held onto each and every moment, and then spent hours poring over the photos. But we still wanted a more concrete way to preserve our beautiful memories. I decided to take the best photos from our trip and create a photo book. Now, we can relive our memories all the time.

Passport Case

Every time we’re able to set off on a big trip, my husband and I both experience a momentary “I can’t find my passport!” panic attack. I decided to put an end to these breakdowns once and for all so that we can begin our trips with a sense of calm. It turns out that DIY leather passport cases are not too difficult to make. I bought a piece of leather, thread, and a snap; made the necessary cuts and stitches to fit his passport; and voila! I created a snazzy passport case. Now, we just have to plan another vacation so that he can put it to good use.



Even with an e-reader, my husband is still one of those guys who likes to relax with a good, fat book. But he’s always losing his place, and rereading sections he’s already read. A bookmark is one of those easy-to-make and absolutely essential gifts for bookworms. There are so many ways to personalize a bookmark — adding dried leaves, calligraphy, a beautiful design, or a mini photo collage.


Espresso cup

My husband studied abroad in Italy, and ever since then, he has taken his coffee very seriously. He buys high quality whole beans, grinds them each morning, and creates his magical mix using a macchinetta. Yet, he only has a few espresso cups from which to drink his strong brew. To add to his collection, I spent an afternoon at a ceramics workshop, creating a few espresso cups that I know he’ll definitely use.

What are some DIY Valentine’s gifts that your loved ones have enjoyed?