While growing up, Valentine’s Day wasn’t just a time when lovers exchanged gifts and crushes revealed themselves to each other. It was a day when my family celebrated love. We all exchanged gifts. We hugged a little more. We ate tons of heart-shaped chocolates. We told each other exactly why we loved each other so much.

Today, my family continues that heart-warming tradition, sending Valentine’s Day cards to family and friends both near and far. We choose cards that we know will make each person feel extra happy, extra cherished, and extra special.

Here are 10 animated Valentine’s Day Cards that will make your loved ones’ hearts go pitter patter:

Valentine’s Texts

Sometimes emojis say exactly what I’m trying to say even better than words do. Like the smiley face with the hearts in his eyes. Or the smiley face blowing a side kiss. I have a few dear friends who I text and Whatsapp with all the time, and our messages are filled with emojis that bring me little bolts of joy throughout the day. This is the perfect Valentine’s Day card to send to them to let them know how much I love our daily virtual check-ins!


Favorite Valentine

How often do you tell your spouse how much he or she means to you? In my house, we say I love you at least once a day, but with a child, work, errands, and everything else in life, we’re too busy to really tell each other what that means to each of us. Creating a custom card enables me to express exactly what I want to tell my husband — you’re my one, my only, my everything, my favorite person.


 Love Bomb

Have you ever been love bombed? No? Well, it’s the best kind of bomb to land in your inbox! When I was in high school, my friend and I called everything we liked “the bomb.” She sent me this Valentine’s card because she knew it would bring back sweet memories.


Valentine Zoo

My son is obsessed with animals, and I’m pretty sure he’s only a few days away from asking for a pet. My fingers are crossed that he’ll ask for a fish and not a dog just yet. When my son saw this card, he claimed it as his own. We added a few photos of him along with a cute message that he created, and sent it off to his grandparents. Of course, they loved it!


Tiles of Love

When my mom and dad were first married — pre-Facebook, iPads, and Netflix — they spent many nights playing Scrabble. So cute, right? But don’t think they didn’t play to win! For my mom, this card brought back lovely memories from their early days of love, so she sent it to my dad. She included a photo of the two of them from their twenties, and also from today. It was a beautiful way to show how long their love has endured.


My Heart Belongs to You

If TV shows from the 1950s make you feel all warm and fuzzy, then this is the card for you. The beginning of this card looks like the opening credits from an old-time show, and then transforms into a stunning pop-up display. In the end, a darling photo of the loving couple is revealed.  Awww.


Love Languages

Before my husband and I travel to a new country, he spends a good chunk of time immersing himself in the local language. He switches his computer commands from English to the new language, downloads language learning apps, and listens to local music while reading the lyrics. This is the perfect card for a language lover like him — and I sent it to him last year!


Gilded Hearts Slideshow

This is such a sweet and simple card — from the delightful piano tune to the colorful bouncing hearts. My friend, who always has such a hard time picking out cards for different occasions, immediately fell in love with this one because she knew that it would bring a smile to her boyfriend’s face.


Chalkboard Romance

My sister-in-law is a teacher, and her clothes, furniture, and car are constantly covered with chalk. After writing with it all day, she can’t help but take it home with her. My brother and their kids always tease her about it. But on Valentine’s Day, my brother put a fun spin on her chalky presence with this adorable card. He added photos of the two of them together, with the entire family, and one with my sister as master of her domain — in the classroom.


Love Doodles

Remember when you were in middle school and would endlessly doodle the name of your crush in the margins of your loose leaf paper? And then how you’d transform the name into flowers or coffee cups or 3-D boxes so that no one would see? We’ve all been there! This adorable card reminds me of those times.


Wishing you a Valentine’s Day filled with lots and lots of love!
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