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How to make a video? The video maker enables you to enjoy all these fun benefits:
  • Choose from our large variety of free designs.
  • Personalize your video collage, and video slideshow with photos, special greetings and music.
  • Share the fun! Email, print or post your video to Facebook.
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I created a Smilebox slideshow with photos of my newborn nephew. My sister absolutely adored it!
- Allison S.


You can collect all your favorite pictures from your recent family vacation, all those cherished memories of a loved one, create a special birthday video collage to share those exciting moments or gather all your grandchildren pictures and use the Smilebox video maker online to create a wonderful video slideshow.

At Smilebox we believe that how you share your photos should be as memorable as the photos themselves. Smilebox makes sharing photos with your family and friends easy, unique and memorable. so...

Meet our video maker!
Our video maker goes beyond memory preservation.
It can help you rediscover life’s joy and transform your photos to a beautiful, easy to make, video slideshow!
It offers you a creative way to share your life’s biggest moments and stories and celebrate the people, events, and memories you cherish. With an engaging and fun animation adding depth and dimension to the story, you can create your very own masterpiece to share with your loved ones.
You can make a video collage with music by adding songs from your own playlist or use our large music library, for a soundtrack that captures the true essence and spirit of your greatest moments.

Amaze your audience and create the impact you want to achieve. At the same time, it's amazingly easy to create powerful video slideshows with Smilebox. Using our video maker-like software, simply drag and drop photos into your preferred order, or use our auto-fill feature for automatic placement of your uploaded photos. Email your video collage to anyone, anywhere, anytime, post to Facebook, burn a video slideshow DVD keepsake or save to digital photo frame for a truly heartfelt gift.

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