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Your memories live forever with Smilebox's creative platform.
It's a simple way to share your photos with family and friends.
Choose from +1000 templates for any occasion: birthdays, weddings, holiday greetings, memorials and so much more. Simply get creative.
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Create Cards, Slideshows, Greetings, Invitations and Collages in minutes

Smilebox is the new way to reach out online to the people you care about, with special messages that are richly layered and full of celebration, appreciation, or whatever you want to share. We invite you to quickly and thoughtfully bring your favorite moments and messages to new life and depth, in expressive compositions of lively animation, favorite photos, the perfect music, heartfelt words and more. It all comes together to surprise and delight your recipients in a way that goes far beyond email, texting, or even a phone call.

Make someone's day brighter in the time it takes to grab a cup of coffee. Personalization--with your chosen soundtrack, sentiment, creative touches and more--takes just minutes. Yet, it's a powerful way to show you thought about your recipient and made it just for them.

Our diverse variety of formats, themes and styles includes 1000+ collages, greetings, invitations, cards, slideshows, and more. Find your perfect fit for holidays and birthdays, wedding day or any day. Host everything from a twins baby shower to 50th anniversary with just-right invites. Share baby's first smile or steps in a collage. Tell the story of your travels in a stunning slideshow. Send a little, heartfelt "hello" to someone you miss in a cheerful greeting. Smilebox is here to help you celebrate life's big and small moments.

Share your multi-layered message in whatever way works for you and your recipient. You can send to anyone with an email address--they don't need to be a Smilebox member. Use our Scheduled Send feature to ensure on-time delivery, so you never miss an opportunity to connect with someone you care about. You can also post to Facebook, create keepsake DVDs, save to a photo frame, or print at home.

Reach out to someone you care about today, and spread a little happiness.

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