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Animated Collages Turn Photos into Joyful Keepsakes

Smilebox knows the power of your photos. When united by a theme, and framed with music, animation and words, they become something more. Your favorite photos can be a window into family life, capture fleeting moments in time, and build connection with the people you care about. In our diverse collection of collages, you'll find the perfect way to shine a spotlight on your life's special moments, from grand occasions to everyday smiles.

It's amazing how a touch of animation, the perfect song, and a thoughtful title can convey the emotion of your moments. Personalization options, including color schemes, text, embellishment and more, allow you to match the collage to the mood of your photos, or to the style and personality of your recipient. In just minutes, Smilebox collages add depth and dimension context to your photos, imbuing them with meaning that can sometimes get lost when shared in a text or email.

Collages are a simple but powerful way to show you care about someone. Delight grandma with a collage of all her grandchildren together. Instead of a paper greeting, send a collage celebrating the birthday boy or girl (of any age) with photos illustrating all the qualities you admire about them and all the good times you've shared. Enjoy feedback in response, if you want, through comments and conversation online.

Don't let your favorite photos collect digital dust. Showcase them in animated Smilebox collages, share with friends and family, and celebrate all the big and little moments that matter.

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