The pandemic has a lot of us under social distancing and travel restrictions that have caused us to be away from our mothers this Mother’s Day. At Smilebox we have some great ideas on how to turn this Coronavirus frown upside down, quick! We can help you make your mom happy even if you two can’t meet.

To perform this miracle all you need to do is get some pictures and some of your mom’s favorite music together – then go online and log into Smilebox.

Send a special Mother’s Day Slideshow

Moms love slideshows! Now all you need to do is to decide: is it going to be just a random group of photos from throughout your mom’s life or maybe (bear with us…) choose a specific event, maybe something from just before the pandemic hit – and use the photos from there in order to remind your mom of some good times you shared recently, and that this will all be over soon, allowing you to meet again.

Simply browse through the cornucopia of slideshow templates we offer that fit any style and pick one. You can then customize and modify it to perfection.

Remember – at Smilebox you can upload your own music to accompany your slideshow – so think about the kind of tunes your mom likes, and those that remind her of how much you love her.

Turn Photos into a Mother’s Day Gift

Send a Special Mother’s Day Photo Collage  

There is nothing in the world your mom wants to see more than you. Well, that’s not entirely true. If you have kids yourself then your mom probably wants to see them even more, and it may have been a while since she’s had the chance to.

So take some good pictures of yourself and your family – then simply choose from our huge selection of collage templates: we have classy, edgy, cartoony, elegant – something for anyone.

Once you’ve picked a template – upload your best photos and that’s that. Just send it. Mom happiness accomplished.

Turn Your Photos into a Mother’s Day Gift with Smilebox

Send a Mother’s Day Card

The classic way to go. Imagine just how happy your mom will be to open up her inbox and find a heartwarming, beautiful card from you. You will definitely be on the shortlist for becoming her #1 favorite offspring.

We’ve got such a plethora of animated card templates for you; you wouldn’t believe how many. Pick one, you can add a photo, you can add music – either our tunes or whatever you have and know your mother would love.

Send it, and just wait for the phone call from mom thanking you and telling you how amazing you are.

Turn Your Photos into a Mother’s Day Gift