Mother’s Day is coming along, a day in which we honor the most important people in the world – our mothers.  This year’s Mother’s Day is shaping up to be a challenging one due to the Coronavirus pandemic.  

Whether you are in quarantine, affected by travel restrictions, or simply thinking about keeping mom safe – this year seeing our mothers in person on Mother’s Day is going to be quite difficult.

On the other hand, it’s times like these when mom needs and deserves our attention, and let’s admit it – we also need our mommy more than ever.

This “Coronavirus Mother’s Day” is an opportunity to do something special, while still maintaining social distancing measures and keeping everyone safe and healthy.

Here are some ideas on how to use Smilebox in order to do just that:

Send Your Mom an Online Greeting Card

Your mother gave you the gift of life, the least you can do is send her a nice online Mother’s Day card. Choose one from our huge selection, customize it with your own photos, music and personal panache. Then all you need to do is simply wait for mom to call you up all excited after receiving your card.

How to Celebrate Mother’s Day in the Coronavirus Age

Create a Special Mother’s Day Slideshow

Choose recent photos of yourself, or perhaps ones from before the Coronavirus pandemic of you and your mom. Put them together using one of our beautiful, easily customizable templates. Share it with your mom as a way of saying, we’re here – and soon we’ll meet again.  Especially relevant if you’ve got kids yourself and Grandma hasn’t seen them in a while!

Celebrate Mother’s Day in the Coronavirus Age

Use Smilebox LIVE to Chat With Mom

There’s nothing in this world mom wants to see more than you, so set up a virtual event that celebrates her with Smilebox LIVE. Since there is no limit to the number of participants in a Smilebox LIVE event you can include siblings and other family members – turn it into a party!

All you need to do is choose an invitation, customize it, then send to all the family members you want to attend the virtual event.

How to Celebrate Mother’s Day During Social Distancing

Send Mom Funny Coronavirus-Themed Cards

Put a humorous twist on a difficult situation. Give your mom a good laugh this Mother’s Day using one of our funny Coronavirus-themed cards.

Celebrate Mother’s Day During Social Distancing

Don’t Forget Grandma!

Whatever you’re doing for mom this year, do for grandma too – and then some. She is likely more affected by social distancing measures and needs you more than ever.

In conclusion: this Mother’s Day is going to be different than any Mother’s Day we’ve celebrated before. It will require some out-of-the-box thinking that Smilebox can help you out with. So, check us out. We’ve got the stuff.