The most important rule when thinking about what to write on a wedding greeting card is: know your crowd. What is the nature of your relationship with the couple? Is it your boss getting married, your distant relative or your best friend from college? How traditional is the event? Figuring those questions out can help you decide if your greeting should be formal or casual.

The value system of the couple is also a factor, especially if there is a strong religious element.

So make sure your wedding wishes are appropriate for the couple and the event. Other than that – keep it personal, sentimental and heartfelt.


Important: Formal wedding greetings will never include the word “congratulations”, for the outdated notion that this in some way reflects on the bride’s eligibility…

  • Best wishes on this wonderful first day of a long, happy life together.
  • May your love forever grow from this day on.
  • May the love you feel today continue shining for all eternity.
  • Thank you for letting us share in this beautiful day and best wishes.
  • Wishing you a lifetime of joy and love.
Wedding Card Messages and Quotes

Keeping it casual

A casual greeting can be perfectly suitable for even the stuffiest of formal weddings with tuxedos and everything – if it makes sense given your relationship with the couple.

  • Wishing you a long and happy marriage.
  • Best wishes for a fun filled life together.
  • Here’s to you guys! You are a beautiful couple.
  • We love you, congratulations.
  • Super happy to be celebrating the first day of your life together!

Funny always does it

Bring a smile to the bride and groom’s faces in what can otherwise be a stressful and overwhelming day. Again, make sure you know your crowd…

  • Thanks for the open bar and best wishes on your great day!
  • Is it too late to say that I think you guys are making a huge mistake?
  • I cried, I ate, I drank – my idea of a perfect day. Congrats!
  • Best wishes for the best couple ever!
  • Word of advice: separate bathrooms.
What to Write in a Wedding Card

Let’s get religious

If the couple in question is religious, it could be nice of you to accommodate that in your greeting. Just make sure you know what kind of religion they are part of…

  • May your union be blessed forever!
  • Wishing you a marriage as strong as your faith.
  • God has poured out his love into our hearts” (Romans 5:5)
  • Mazel tov! May the joy of your wedding always fill your life!
  • Allah created a soul at first and then he divided it in two. So that he can join them again together in marriage! You two complete each other!

Wedding greetings for a family member

Depending on your family’s vibe, as well as the nature of your relationship with the said relative – you can either go very personal or not.

  • What a great day for our family, best wishes!
  • We love you both, thanks for having us at your celebration.
  • Congrats and welcome to the family!
  • We’re delighted to see our family grow!
  • Love, happiness and best wishes to you both!

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