Ah, Christmas shopping… it can be a delight, or super stressful, depending on one thing: your preparation. Don’t wait until you get to the store to think about what you’re getting for whom. With the Christmas Gift Guide below, we’ve narrowed down the top types of gifts for different recipients. You can never go wrong with something generic like chocolates and flowers, but come on—people appreciate a little more thought and originality. Have no fear: your Christmas shopping guide is here.

Gifts for family

The best gifts for family members are those that bring you closer. Think bonding activities that mean good quality time, like games (whether card games, board games, or video games) as well as out-of-the-box activities, like escape rooms or trampoline parks. Karaoke systems are also fun for the whole family. Or go for something like a fondue maker, which makes for a fun home meal, or an instant pot that makes hearty meals easily and quickly—with minimal cleanup. If your family isn’t so into the latest tech, opt for a thoughtful gift like a personalized and framed print.

Gifts for friends

Your friends want to feel that you put thought into their gift—and thought of something they’ll love. Personalization can go a long way, especially something like a personalized cocktail set or personalized blanket. If you’re in the mood to inspire, pick out a few books that have touched you the most in your life. Most women will be happy to receive a nice purse or piece of jewelry, while your funkier friends will appreciate a statement hat or pair of sunglasses. As for the guy friend who’s hardest to shop for, go for some wireless earbuds—given how easily they get lost, you can never have too many.

Gifts for coworkers

When shopping for coworkers, you want to get something they’ll appreciate but that won’t break the bank (especially if you’re shopping for a number of them). One approach is the coffee route: a stainless steel thermos, mug, or even a mini espresso machine. Another approach is a techy gift, like a portable charger, portable speakers, or some cool accessory for their smartphone or tablet. If they’re the kind of person that brings lunch from home every day you can get a high-quality lunch box, or if they’re always cold, a cozy desk blanket. When in doubt, a nice pen or a lovely smelling candle is always appreciated.

Gifts for your partner

Your significant other may be #1, but they may also be the #1 hardest to shop for. You gotta get creative, and think beyond soaps and candles. If you’re in the mood to pamper them, find a super luxurious bathrobe, slippers, and towel set. You can’t go wrong with a matching His/Hers duo of almost anything: mugs, wine glasses, hand towels, bracelets, key rings… the options are endless. If you want to really spoil them, go for a pricey piece of tech, like a new tablet, smart watch, drone, or even a 3-D printer. Whatever you get, don’t forget to include the sentimental element: a card, collage, framed photo or something of the kind that shows how much they mean to you.

And remember: No Christmas gift is complete without a thoughtful card. Write your wishes for a merry holiday and happy new year, as well as any personal sentiments. You can also include information about the gift, such as where they can exchange it if they wish and by when. Unsure where to start with your Christmas greeting cards? Look no further than the Smilebox 2018 collection, with ready-to-go templates in every style.

Christmas Cards from Smilebox
Christmas eCard templates from Smilebox

Happy holidays!